03 January, 2006

100% Men

I just returned from a long round trip drive and a three hour session with the family support individual for a Batallion that had returned from a year's tour of duty in Iraq. Not one female was on the contact lists we worked on. This contrasts to the reported 10+% female participation rate in today's Army as reported in the news. After all the hype about wanting "a chance", we see the real results today. I also noticed in the news that a certain "preferred minority's" enlistment rate is about 1/2 of the previous year(s). Not speaking for everyone, but a certain sub-group of selected "minorities" seems to have an aversion for work. More facts and truth later. Any comments?


Blogger Chief RZ said...

I just briefed another group of returning Combat Veterans who spent a year in Iraq. Again, 100% Men. I wonder what the women do to get out of these deployments?

Blogger 2Hotel9 said...

I am a bit divided on women in combat. Have known plenty of men I would not walk through a chowline with, known quite a few women I would go through a door and"slice the pie" with. The quota system enforced on our military is not really what we need to be doing. I mean, in a voluntary military you can not have specific numbers of groups A,B,C. More members of one demographic or another will enlist than others. And these numbers fluctuate, sometimes wildly, from year to year. Political correctness is simply the wrong thing for the military to be adhereing to. I do know several women here in PA who have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, mostly RNs, though some are electronics specialists and 2, who are of a cohabitive nature, are tracked vehicle and hydralics mechanics. It takes all kinds. This quota system is a drag on our capability to operate in an effective manner. The Big Green Machine plods along, just not as efficeintly as it could. And don't get me started on supply. LOL!

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Thanks 2Hotel9. I am so glad to see someone educated enough to get the main idea out of a paragraph! Some liberals would PC my facts and Truth to death. A Brigadeer General came back from "Charm School" and told me about how some civilian female who was the "facilitator" wanted them to come up with ideas of how to increase the female % to 53% in the next few years.
The Truth: He told me he said to her basically, "no way is that going to happen". She threw down her colored magic markers and stomped out!! Good for him. By the way, he is a two star now. Finally, the good guys and warriors are winning and getting promoted.

Anonymous Raven said...

Women- even the rabid feminists- just don't want to live in war zones or any other place that doesn't meet their standards of comfy and cozy. I really think that. I know a few women vets from Iraq and they are tough- to have votunteerd for that service. But not a one has reenlisted.


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