04 January, 2006

NEA -- useless insulters

I visited Oahu, Hawai'i several years ago and observed in the Junior High School at Wai'anae. Having been a teacher, I was allowed into the teacher's lounge. In February, I overheard a conversation about how a student should be disciplined. They were trying to set up the rules! This was in a union state. In South Carolina, the rules were set up before school started, and generally followed through. At the time, they were called assertive discipline. That is, the student took responsibility for his or her behavior and essentially, choose their consequence related to their own actions. We have one of the strongest "tenure" laws here, without the need to pay tribute to an unwanted, unnecessary and ineffective union. The US Department of Education essentially pays NEA insulters to give "advice" to teachers. Many of these types have never taught in a regular classroom. I made it a point to ask them when they came. One person garnered her a nice position after spending one year in a "reading lab" and then skewing figures to "prove" that a certain type of method improved reading. Of course, she never taught first or last periods and did not follow the school's discipline plan. This is another case of the Federal government destroying the local school's discipline and indirectly, their teaching effectiveness.
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Blogger Chief RZ said...

Waiting for someone who is a union organizer to come up with some counter-facts. Be warned, I have taken a few courses on the graduate level on history of education in the USA.


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