24 February, 2011


I posted on this topic a few years ago.
Now I have some Truth that I gleaned from someone who was there

A banker who was directly involved in the South Carolina version of Banker's Trust. They wanted to open a branch bank near Charlotte, NC. The NAACP took them to court using the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. After the court gave its opinion (and whatever you call it -- forced, coerced, made to comply) all the banks followed suit otherwise they would be dragged thru the same litigation.

Now, about thirty years later, many of those 30 year mortgages and worse are in default.

Many people were given loans for which they had no chance to repay.

Second case.

A friend of mine told me this month that Bank of America tried several times to give him a loan for $200,000. His house is worth maybe $50,000. He refused the loan several times and will pay off his mortgage next month.

This is what has caused our country, led by BHO to run up a multi-trillion dollar debt.


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