30 November, 2010


Just this week I personally observed three individuals disrespect a grocery store. One of the three "hoods from the hood" threw potato chip bags on the floor while another threw vegetables into a scale with no indication of trying to measure their weight. The third disrespecting of society person took a box of baked chicken valued at about $7 and the three of them ran out the in door, not paying for the food.

They headed up to a "target" store.

Later that day a lady ahead of me in checkout at a different store described that her 80+ year old mother (who was standing nearby with a cane) had her purse stolen at a "target" store. Her charge card was quickly used to purchase $400+ of video games.

These disrespecting people are doing just that. They are not "disadvantaged", but morally bankrupt. They have been given too many "passes" by society that began sometime in the mid 1960s.

I informed the store manager that three "young black males" had just threw food on the floor and stolen a box of chicken.

I will be on the lookout for these three disrespecting people every time I go out in public. Enough of this.


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