12 February, 2010

Banned from WikipediA

In returning to a post made a few years ago, heterophobia, I noticed that my definition had been censored. I reinserted it:

Fear of relations by homosexuals with persons of the opposite gender.

In less than five minutes, I was banned for life. The comment was disruptive editing or something like that.

Well, so much for diversity or The Truth there. I will not reference this seemingly factual electronic encyclopedia, but will continue to use those published on paper.

Glad to know I can still read their material: You can still read pages, but you cannot edit, change, or create them. I wonder how someone burns webpages like the communists did to paper books?

The person? One KillerChihuahua No kidding, can you imagine someone using that name and attempting to portray them self as unbiased?


Blogger KillerChihuahua said...

Yeah, I notice you're whining in email and on your moderated blog, not bothering to actually follow procedure and request a block review as you were informed how to do. Guess you'd rather play the victim than actually try to learn how to edit Wikipedia correctly. You must have a real martyr complex.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good riddance, run off and pout


Blogger Chief RZ said...

I do not whine. I tell The Truth. Have all my life. Some can not handle it. If you read my profile or read a few first hand experiences, they get to real life truths.

Yes, it is moderated, just like your attempt to make a supposedly "living" encyclopedia, but notice that I published your comment, above.

I do not "play the victim" like many liberals do. I work and have worked for a living. Sorry, no martyr complex here, just plain Truth.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Anonymous. Notice that I publish my real name, education, work experiences and facts. Why are you hiding?

I do not pout, but in this case do notice a certain knowing smirk.

I read some of the "food fights" alluded to on the wip definition pages.

For all the hype at diversity it really reveals the lie from those who spout it. Consensus? Sure, by censoring anyone who disagrees with those who might even question the opinions given there. Ward Churchill? A reference? Ha.

I haven't looked that far, but may even find Noam Chomsky, who has never acknowledged the 2 million innocent civilians murdered by PP after the democrats defunded the Vietnam War.

Glad to engage in an adult conversation with you, but how about publishing your real name first?

Blogger Chief RZ said...

To make matters worse, certain (child-like) people [reference: Dr. Eric Berne] -- see
for those who may need to read up on PAC posted this using, according to Wikipedia, is profanity.

"Oh never mind. Looks like this was just grandstanding bullshit.[1] He trolled to get banned so he could whine we don't allow The TruthTM on WP. KillerChihuahua?!?Advice 16:01, 12 February 2010..."

Adults generally do not lower themselves to using profanity to make rational points.

More on the definition of profanity later. I learned quite a bit in five minutes.

Blogger KillerChihuahua said...

Wikipedia is not censored. There is no rule against calling bullshit, bullshit, there.

You tell "the Truth"? Amazing how you making ten - not one - edits to seven - not one - article, all of which were reverted as either unsourced or original research or vandalism - all three of which are prohibited by our rules - by more than one editor, and receiving three warnings prior to your block; has magically become "I made one edit and was blocked for life". You fail also to mention that I gave you detailed instructions on how to appeal your block, which you have completely ignored, preferring to whine here and email me vague silly hostile emails. Your version of "truth" does not align with the facts, as anyone with an Internet connection can verify by checking the history on Wikipedia. Now post this, if you can handle the truth yourself.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Genial fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

To the Anonymous' comment dated 13.2.10:

What is or who is Genial fill? I found a similar post on:
see the #4 post. Perhaps this is a type of spam, but in the interest of being open to debate and diversity, I allowed it. Please respond if you are a real person.

If it is referring to or attempting to support an online encyclopedia, then you might want to correct your spelling of the word assignment. I wonder what has become of colleges today!?

Blogger Chief RZ said...

The term hydrophobia may have been the first use of the root word phobia, but it seems that it has been denigrated into now a political usage.

Heterophobia- Fear of the opposite sex.

I had a longer reply, but it may have timed out.

I looked on the above poster's website and found 5 web page views and no profile.

It would be nice to see the qualifications of those who would like to learn more Truth.

If they merely read the masthead, they will notice that The Truth was published for 5 days between the Hungarians gaining their freedom from Soviet slavery until the tanks came back to Budapest.

Communism is evil. Communists lied. Many do so today and can not stand for anyone to utter The Truth. One way is to censor The Truth. I will not stop speaking it. It is refreshing and true.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous American flags said...

about wikipedia, I tried posting there before and it turned out well. I think they have a software thing that blocks posts if they contain certain words that are offending

Blogger Chief RZ said...

American flags, yes I was successful also until I ran into their political correctness. My main post on heterophobia I believe riled them. If you read into the section on "sexual orientation" you should clearly see a bias for the un-natural choices that many make.

Many of these behaviors cause the spread of AIDS and HIV as well as other diseases, in addition to corrupting young children such as those aged 12 that I posted on also.


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