28 May, 2009

Leaving the workforce

I decided to quote myself for this month's Truth.

During the previous 8 years, tax revenues were up, although you had to look for the story in the MSM. People may be reluctant to continue this voluntary tax system when most people refuse to work. It seems to have reached that tipping point where more people are taking others’ efforts without even a hint of effort on their part.

Deciding to retire and take social security early (age 63 now) is an option that some I know have recently exercised. Nothing illegal. Nothing immoral.

Previously, during the honest decade, some would go that extra mile, but no longer. Call it the silent protest if you like. When working people decide not to work, they make less taxable income. Simple when you think about it.

The socialist/communist lies of FDR back in the mid 1930 are coming home to roost.

Recently read The Forgotten Man. Good read. Many of the good, honest men died in WW II and are now few and far between.


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