27 July, 2008

Cheating on the test

I just recently took a FEMA course, in residence at a local State Emergency Management location. It was three days. It was announced that there would be a written test that required 70% to pass. I thought it might be closed book and was prepared for that. When the time came for the test, it was announced that no cooperation was allowed but that the test was "open book".

I was a bit surprised, but understandable.

What I was also surprised about was the amount of "cooperation" that began during the test. First a few whispers here and there (what did you put for #6, etc) then outright getting out of one's seat and walking over to a co-worker and "helping" the other person with their open book test!

The kicker was that these people where members of our "minority" who are numerically a majority.

So much for "equal opportunity"

If these people ever want to be taken seriously and equally during a National Emergency, they must comply with instructions.


Blogger Martha said...

I have noticed that teachers and schools make a big deal about childrens behavior but they consistently overlook the behavior of parents. How often do we see parents bend the rules right in front of their children? As in the case of the test you took. How many of those adults were parents I wonder? Does this mean that their children are allowed to behave the same way? More importantly, why did no administrator call them on their cheating and throw them out?

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Thanks for the comment, Martha.
Yes indeed. About 80% of my middle school parents were teaching their children to lie, cheat, steal and sell drugs. It was difficult to keep the few good ones on the right track, but most did not stray and became productive citizens and good parents for their children.
I did call the teacher. He was unaware and will proctor better for the next course.


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