19 April, 2008

Public Education funding

I learned that most funding for "public school" education came from local sources in 1968 during my undergraduate studies at The University of South Carolina Education Department.

Who would know by listening to certain national candidates for President. The federal Department of Education drains $80 some Billion dollars annually.   They insult teachers at local schools in my opinion as well as my observations I had with these people during my teaching career.

Reference: Annual Report 2007 School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties (SC)

School Funding (revenues) by percentages

State 67.69%
Local 30.69%
Miscellaneous 1.62%

If one were not paying attention, that last amount is the Federal Government's contribution to Public School Education along with contributions by individuals, groups such as PTAs, PTOs and others.


All these people "running off at the mouth" about how the federal government is 'here to help' are not much more than bags of wind.

Any questions?


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