13 August, 2007

Helpless in New Orleans

Perhaps an old story, but one that seems destined to drag on for decades. Some "victims" are still living in lavish motels on my taxpayer supported money and may still be living there a decade or more from now.

We have all heard and seen the lies by the main-stream media about how "George Bush" caused the hurricane and even blew up levies and "left people to die"! Lies. The local "authorities" were responsible for leaving the victims.

Now for more Truth: Just this last weekend, I met with a volunteer group of pilots. Several of them said that they flew to New Orleans the day after the story passed. Over four hundred (400) private planes with pilots donated their time, money and aircraft to assist in emergency evacuation like the English did for Dunkirk.


One pilot said, "after waiting three days -- THREE DAYS !! -- most finally said that if they were not needed, they were going home." The one pilot then said, "they finally gave me a dog. A DOG! He flew it to some "shelter" in another state.

These people did not want to be helped. They would then have lost their "victim" status and would forfit their "right" to complain. They are children:


They are not adults, nor do they or probably never will. It is much easier "playing" the child who can complain and never be responsible for his or her actions.


Blogger Kelly said...

Why am I NOT surprised?!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep believing the hate. I am a Republican that voted for this president twice. This government in incompetent, inept and filled with cronyism. I have been eye witness to it. You see I live in SE LA and my mother lives in Pass Christian, MS. We know of Katrina and the recovery first hand. Keep drinking the Kool aid though. You are hurting your nation by doing so. How do you like the Emperor's new clothes?

Blogger Chief RZ said...

anonymous. These Truthful statements, unsolicited are not hate. They are The Truth. Care to share any of your vast first hand experiences from the storm?

We will be waiting. Please, no generalities, no guessing what other people are thinking or how you believe they "feel", just The Truth. The two pictures I have attatched speak volumes. The lower one if you can see surrounds intersecting runways. The yellow "X" indicated a closed runway. All these trailers are NEW! No takers? I wonder why? Don't you?

Why don't you DO SOMETHING yourself like find out if you can secure one or two for yourself and some of your neighbors and spread the Love?

I was also there several times. Waffle house was up and running the day after. FREE Enterprise at work.

The Coast Guard was there the day after, hovering, waiting, helping. The Governor of LA did not call up the National Guard until? Do you remember?

I will be waiting for some Truth if you can get over your own prejudices.

Anonymous Zsa zsa said...

It sounds like anonymous is the one who is drinking the Kool-aid...

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Yes, Zsa Zsa and we also notice that anonymous has not provided any first hand truths about his "eye-witness accounts" about his generalities and name calling. The tactic of announcing that "I am/was a Republican" is getting old and used.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember them all and a bunch of them are trying, quite successfully I might add [the Progressive Caucus, MoveOn.org, ANSWER, UFPJ to name "just a few] to continue what they couldn't complete in the 60's.


Blogger Chief RZ said...

Thanks, devildog6771, and glad there are more than one anonymous out there. I have been a bit busy learning to fly and defending our State from natural and other disasters.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Taking FEMA courses, I found this:
After Katrina and Rita---
"As this excerpt from the “EMAC 2005 Hurricane Season Response After-Action Report” shows, interstate mutual aid – in this case through EMAC – works.

“Emergency Management Assistance Compact works. It delivered valuable resources quickly and in unprecedented quantities to Member States engulfed in a disaster of catastrophic proportions. A-Teams were in place in Louisiana and Mississippi before Katrina made landfall. Within 36 hours, 6,335 personnel were deployed to the embattled States. That number grew to more than 65,900 in just 80 days. The EMAC deployment of approximately 20,000 civilian personnel was over 23 times larger than the deployment of resources under EMAC during the 2004 hurricane season. The additional deployment of more than 46,500 military personnel makes a clear statement that EMAC is both effective and scalable.”
The Truth has difficulty gaining an audience in the face of emotion-pandering liberal agendas.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"They are not adults, nor do they or probably never will. It is much easier "playing" the child who can complain and never be responsible for his or her actions."

ROCKhead- this is the most pitiful post I've seen all day. And I spend much time in the w(r)ong wing wackosphere. Congratulations.


Blogger Chief RZ said...

deciders. I read part of your democratic leaning blog.
You may have missed the way I used the word adult.
Take a review here. This is an adult blog. No name calling, deciders. I will reply once to someone who is impolite with another's name. That is childish, a childlike response. Now, see here:
Many people who lived in certain parts of NO were not personally responsible for even their own lives and still rely on working taxpayers to support them and their behaviors.
As I documented, many people donated their time, airplanes and efforts to no avail. The NO "children" simply did not want to be "saved" from their situations.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

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