03 July, 2007

Corporate Welfare

a friend of mine keeps saying that tax adjustments for corporations is corporate welfare. I disagree, and his words have stuck with me for a few years. Now I have an answer for him:

Corporate Welfare is:

Providing cheap workers today in exchange for shifted expenses thirty years from now.

ILLEGAL ALIENS are an example of corporate welfare.


Anonymous Zsa Zsa said...

I disagree with your friend. Corporations generate alot of money to communities and charities...

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Thanks. Most would, unless they were brainwashed in the "70s" with mind-altering drugs on a liberal college campus! He also thinks that "Che" is a hero!

Anonymous Mark E. said...

Good points John.

John, thank you for your service as well.

I run the site www.regimeofterror.com to discuss Saddam Hussein's links to terrorism and would greatly appreciate chatting with you some time on the topic or maybe sometime you can swing by and leave me a comment.


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