10 April, 2007


UPDATE: She finally paid a fine, two weeks later.

...is the only thing someone else can not take from you. You can give it up, or compromise yourself, but this human quality is the foundation of The Truth.

Recently, our South Carolina Supreme Court Justice hit a car in a parking lot and left without leaving her calling card. Someone caught her this time. The first time, the City of Columbia Police department did not process her multiple crash nor test for alcohol.

Our driver's handbook outlines what a driver is to do when they hit an unoccupied car. Leave a note with name, phone, contact.

In my forty-some years of driving, I have done this three times. All three times the person contacted me and I paid the damages. Once in an icy parking lot at 2 MPH. Once in a foggy morning, my neighbor parked his car perpendicular to the curb, and finally a bumper of a truck. No damage was done to my cars in all three instances, but the cost to me, which I paid out of pocket was significant.

The point is that some people talk a lot about character, but unless it has been instilled while you are young, by your parents, one will have no compass in life and have no direction.

Our "Justice" in South Carolina should have resigned three years ago, but she is one of those "protected minorities". That is OK.

What someone else does not have does not change my integrity. When I taught school, many would say, "you might as well take it (steal it) before someone else does." My reply was always, "If it doesn't belong to you, leave it alone."


Blogger Kelly said...

If it doesn't belong to you, leave it alone - so many people could benefit if a great portion of the world would only follow that advice!

Blogger a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

I apologize for not visiting as of late; unfortunately I come not so much bearing comments, but to tag you.

Don't ask me how this all starts or where/why as I don't have a clue. All I do know is I am following suit as it appears is necessary/polite?

Give this link a view to see what I'm talking about...I shall return


Anonymous Amy P said...

I agree that other people's lack of character shouldn't affect our own, but it DOES affect our morale and confidence in the justice system. That's really sad.

Blogger Editor said...

I came through Goons' site and really enjoyed your blog. Keep up the good word and work.


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