29 January, 2007

The man who would not be king

I may see "The last king of Scotland".
Finally, The Truth is shown on the big screen of a BAD Black Man, (a negro) who lived in Africa, namely, Idi Amin. He was the ruthless dictator of the African nation of Uganda throughout much of the 1970s. He was responsible for tens of thousands brutally murdered much like Hitler, and other African kings who sold their own people into slavery, as some still do even today. This exposure has been a long time coming. Forest Whitaker who I first noticed in "Goodmorning Vietnam" should be congratualted for bringing this slaughter to light. No more whitewashes!

Now, in contrast to the above, the Man who would not be king was: Our first President of the USA, George Washington.

On the Ides of March, 1783, he rebuked Alexander Hamilton's suggestion that he use the army he commanded to victory and take control--becoming a king. A dumbfounded King George III proclaimed him "the greatest character of the age."

George Washington was the founder of our country: a man of integrity, reverence to God, loyalty to our new country and the benchmark for all succeeding presidents. February 22nd is his birthday. Contrary to popular opinion, no act of Congress or order by any president has changed Washington's Birthday to "Presidents Day."

Think of The man who would not be king during this long presidential primary season.


Blogger rusty shakelford said...

I remember reading in history class, Washington said it was unacceptable for a past President to criticize a sitting president. I guess Clinton and Carter didn't get the memo. Then again Washington set the standard for the American statesman.

Anonymous Zsa Zsa said...

Chief...This is a great post! It is odd how today our country denies our children to be educated with the real truth. It seems that so many are so quick to arm themselves with the "seperation of church and state" term that our countries history and it's founders are being wiped out if there is any mention of God??? Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Yes, the first thing that the communists did in USSR was ban religious celebrations and re-write history. I learned in the early 1990 while taking a history of education course, that is called revisionism.

George Washington set the standard.

Blogger nnnnns said...

Exposing communism? Why did you make the comment " much like Hitler?" Hitler was not responsible for any atrocities, and is the only Western leader to go to war against the red menace, your country supported the reds in ww2.


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