08 December, 2006

21 Homeless criminals

The arrest of 21 homeless people in our city of Columbia, SC recently had certain people reacting in typical liberalize language.

"Oh those poor homeless people." and "leave them alone."

The City of Columbia opened two shelters and even provides transportation now.

The fact that when compared to wanted lists and found 21 of those staying at a shelter designed for about 100 tells us somethng. That something is that many homeless are criminals. They are trying to hide from the law, and need to be taken off the streets. Now if only we could do that with illegal aliens.

We do not need to shelter criminals. They need to be prosecuted and serve their time in a jail. Doing otherwise is wrong.

I have no problem with sitting down and serving homeless lunches. I have done it in the past. I invite anyone to debate this.


Blogger Linda said...

Chief...I used to feel sorry for the homeless and give them money. BUT not anymore. I saw a man on the corner on my way to dinner and he was holding a sign "Dying for a hamburger", I met my husband and all through dinner I talked about how I really had to get this man a hamburger. So I did. I handed him the hamburger in a sack and he started grouching me out! My husband was behind me and he said That's my wife you are talking to. He started saying bad things to him too. Then my husband said ""go beg on another corner and the light turned so I scramed...

Blogger Linda said...

Needless to say. I no longer do that anymore. My husband warned me. BUT silly me... Most of those people that panhandle just want to buy crack or booze...

Blogger a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

I can't really argue/debate against this.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Now some national group threatens to make this a Rosa Parks event. They are way off base. Breaking the law is a CHOICE. One does not have a choice if they are born a man or woman, negro or caucasian or mongol.
These people should not be given sanctuary merely by claiming homeless status! This is one of the few cases where I support Columbia Mayor Bob Coble.


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