11 October, 2006

No monopoly on morals

In The State Newspaper, Page A7 Commentary by Leonard Pitts Jr. "No political party has monopoly on morals." I agree.
But the Republican Party disciplines, or does something about those who break the mores of their party.
The Democrats allow killers to remain in office, the allow actual rapist to remain in office, and those who have actual physical sexual contact with teenagers to remain.

Republicans resign in disgrace because they have a conscience that means a moral compass telling them what is right and what is wrong. The social democrats, like the communists have no such direction. The communists, as some of us will remember, made Religious practice and churches illegal in the USSR, similarly the ACLU would like to do the same, supported by the social democrats.

Mr. Pitts tried to equate killing a person to sending an instant message to a same sex person, aged 18. Similarly, the ACLU attempts to equate dropping a drop of water on a book to chopping the head off a person. I have confidence in the present majority in the USA that they will continue to be able to discriminate between the two.

Mr. Pitt's email is: lpitts@miamiherald.com


Anonymous chrys said...

Basically didn't think anyone was visiting and I missed you comment! There's not an "E" address - thus this mis-placed Thanks! You are the closest copy of one of my very favorite people. He was our "Top" and after his three tours in Nam and the promotion of a paper man and not him - he left the military and became a minister for 25 years - newly retired. Thanks for the visit. A List you found

As for THIS post - the part I recognize the most is the fact that Republicans DO leave when they know they are dishonoring their constituents - while the Dems just stay there, embarrass, cause expense, provide immoral representation to their constituents! You have it nailed.

Anonymous Zsa Zsa said...

Chief...I am just pleased to be a Republican because we expect more from our leaders. Dems are constantly in denile and never accept responsibility for their actions. It is crazy that a certain Senior Senator is a former member of the KKK??? How can that be?

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Yes, Zsa Zsa. The difference is that we discipline our errant representatives. They, just like the Japanese are still in denial about WW II, and yes, their KKK leadership and responsibility for the very "Jim Crow" laws that they now try to blame on Republicans! There is a word for that.......

Anonymous Zsa Zsa said...

Just the thought of harry reid and his statement We killed the patriot act really scares me! AND the thought of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House makes me ill. These particular Dems are really pathetic... So is that one General whats his name.???

Blogger Chief RZ said...

or maybe not !


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