24 August, 2006

false arrest

Here is a quote from The New IRMO News: "E-mails show accusation was part of campaign against school board."
I had been following this story for months. The superintendent of Lexington 5 school district was "let go" by a close vote of about 5-4. One of those who eventually voted to oust the former superintendent was "arrested" around 3'oclock in the afternoon so that "she couldn't make bail and have to spend a night in jail!" The accusation turned out to be "a complete fabrication" as Noam Chomsky would say. This is what liberals do. They lie, make up false accusations and even involve themselves in felonies as documented in Michelle Malkin's book, liberals gone wild

The interesting thing was that one telephone number on the defense exhibit #5 indluded a telephone number that I recognized, having worked at the VA. It is: (803) 776-4000, extension 6472 or Cell # 206-6858. Someone by the name of "michael."

Now I am tempted to see whether "michael" still works at Dorn Veterans Medical Center and why he was apparently involved with this "attempted" "alledged" false arrest on government time Any takers?


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