21 August, 2006

Democratic Candidate for Congress

The only advertisement this morning in THE STATE Newspaper was an 8 1/2 X 11" white piece of paper announcing Michael Ray Ellisor's running against Joe Wilson from SC-2. Joe Wilson is my representative. He is strong on defense and tells the truth.

I will give it to Mr. Ellisor. He also seems to be telling the truth. He wants us out of Iraq immediately and wants the US to sign the Kyoto Protocol and calls for yet another investigation into "oil companies". This last has been done numerous times with no problems to the oil companies.

Now we know where the democrat stands. A clear choice is offered. I will not speculate on the percentage he may get, but again, I will offer $100 to the first person who thinks that Mr. Ellisor's views reflect those in the SC-2 CD.


Blogger T.L. Stanley said...

This will be an interesting election. In California, most Repubicans are running away from Bush on the Iraq War. Because, the war is getting real tough to sell.

I think we need to win the War on Terror and beat back the terrorist element in Iraq.

This is going to be a difficult sell to the public. If we are going to be successful, the Iraqi government needs to get its house in order.

This means the people of Iraq need to totally support our efforts. And, the new government needs to crack down on the terrorists in a way that leaves no doubt that terrorism will not be allowed to exist in Iraq.

Gosh, it got carried away.

Take care.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

t.l. I understand that California is in "their own world" for a long time, probably after 1968. I repeat, in South Carolina, Republicans, at least tell The Truth and are not afraid to make their positions very clear. I also applaud Mr. Wilson's opponent for clearly stating his. I need to go see him and see what he did with his B. A. he earned in 1969 from USC-- that's The University of South Carolina--yes, the same school that beat the University of Southern California in football the last time we played. We both were graduated the same year.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

He lost by the largest margin of any race in SC.


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