22 June, 2006

Right to Carry

There are now about 38 to 40 states that issue Right to Carry identification cards. Some governors vetos have been overridden by their legislatures. Of course, a security background check is required as well as a certified safety course and proof of competency. Personal protection in one's home is a part of the second amendment and an inherent right to defend oneself from bodily harm.

The question now is: Will other states reciprocate (like New York) just like some homosexuals who want other states to recognize their "marriage".

The next big issue coming in the next decade will be the Right to Work. Right now, about half the states do not require a person to contribute to an unwanted Union for the priviledge of working. A national Right to Work as well as a national Right to carry law may be needed soon.



Blogger a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Oh, the uproar to be heard from the Left when you dare to touch on the subject on a right to carry...

Blogger Brooke said...

I hate unions. They don't do anything, they take money from your check, and some even go so far as to tell you whom you should vote for.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

I'm with you both! I've got a controversial post for next week and would appreciate your replies. I renewed my permit last week in SC.

Blogger yodi-va said...

I am proud to live in a state with the right to carry and right to work. I was happy that Va. Senator George Allen proposed legslation on a national right to carry but the wording has made me less sure of it now. The wording leaves the right to bear arms vulnerable, maybe eventually no more sacred that the right to drive a car which we know is no right. The states that are against the right to carry will be able to water down the right to a privilege and make a premit harder to get. My right to carry may be less secure with the feds involved. This could go well or badly. The right to not join a union is much simpler a legislation and there is no way to loose it incrementally. beware, be cautious.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

yodi-va, I'll have to take a look at Virgina's law, but you could try to have it made less restrictive. The NRA has a political page which is linked. Grassroots here in SC was instrumental in this and three other laws. It doesn't help that The Governor, house of respresentatives and the state senate went Republican about 8 years ago. Now if we could just get Jeane (crash) Toll out of our Supreme courts. She's the one who took home rule by counties away from them 10 years ago. Keep up the good fight. I think Virginia is one of the "safer" states!

Blogger eyesallaround said...

Amen to the right to carry. In Texas we have "Concealed Handgun Permits"... I have one (of course).. What kind of gun is that (picture)? I was in a gun shop checking on getting my Walther PPK loosened up a bit, and they had the "Cal Tech",,, I think that's what it was called... it was a 0.38, and very small..

Blogger Chief RZ said...

I looked, but could not identify that gun either. I would like to take a closer look also. It is the icon for the site:
Can anyone out there identify this pistol?

Blogger Chief RZ said...

A 56-year-old wheelchair-bound New York City woman on her way to target practice with her small dog on her lap shot and wounded a would-be mugger.
Update: I wanted to record this as soon as I found it online and published.

Margaret Johnson told police she had just left her apartment Friday afternoon on her way to a firing range when a man passed by her and seconds later attacked from behind, trying to get her necklace and purse.

Johnson managed to pull out her licensed .357 handgun and fired once, sending a bullet into the elbow of the mugger, the New York Times reported.


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