12 June, 2006


quote, "we believe Rove's Mission is impossible. Because the public is so angry with the GOP-controlled Congress, we see the Republicans losing the House...."

The Truth: Nancy Pelosi on CNN in July of 2004 which I saw in Mosul Iraq dining facility: " I guarantee that John Kerry will be in the White House and the Democrats will control the House..."

The Facts: In South Carolina, voting in primaries has just about completely reversed the voting preferences of the citizens in the last 20 years. In 1986, 4.7% voted in the Republican Primary while 28.6% voted in the Democratic. In 2002, 19.2% voted in the Republican Primary while 5.7% voted in the Democratic. I will not speculate on tomorrow's results, but I will bet the Parade staff $100 that the Republicans will outpoll the Democrats. Any takers at the Parade on this November for $100? I think not. This is yet another example of Bias in the Media.

The above facts are from the S. C. Election Commission and you can link to Parade in the dots.


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