09 June, 2006

U.N. GITMO report 'incredibly inaccurate'

Thomas L. Bock, American Legion National Commander actually visited the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as opposed to merely talking with detainees, who are our enemy.

From 6-9 Feb, 2006, he visited Camp Delta and toured the cells. He found: GITMO detainees receive a variety of meal choices and upwards of 4,200 calories a day. Some of the detainees engaged in a hunger strike and were force-fed by feeding tubes. Recently they faked a hanging and attacked the guards. In my opinion, they should have been shot on site, but, thanks to the great U. N. Commission on Human Rights including Cuba-communist, China-communist, Sudan-slave traders, Saudi Arabia-hotbed for Al-Quaeda, and other nations not knows for compassionate treatment of prisoners they would have highlighted a death there as evidence of 'inhumaine' treatment and the MSM would have run the story for months!

"The U. N. researchers should have talked with survivors of the Hanoi Hilton, the German stalags, North Korean prisons, or Japanese prison camps during those wars to understand the real definition of maltreatment." -- Thomas Brock, American Legion Commander

"The treatment given to these men who have vowed to destroy America... far exceeds standards set forth by the Geneva Conventions." -- John Raughter


Blogger Brooke said...

I'm sure their treatment far exceeds that of their daily life in the rathole they came from, too.

Anonymous Layla said...

Hi Cheif RZ!

I may be way off base here, but it seems to my imho that everyone wants to appease the Islamfascists nuts and left-winged anti-war crowd, not to mention the ACLU and the cronies associated with them.

Our men and women fought and still fight valient for us on a daily basis.....Zarqawi is proof of that-thank God he is dead.

Yet these loones want to discredit our military, the troops, our government, our president, you name it, they are looking for blood.

I am so sick of this all. I am not saying I condone unwarranted torture...such as, for example, the torture endured by McCain and others like him in the Nam Era....

But, during war I realize that there are the Geneva convention rules that war must be fought by...yet, no one takes into account that this is not a conventional war-with conventional enemies...these are Islamofascist extremists that are beyond evil...

There is a thing called collaterol damage too that no one dares to talk about...I have no sympathy for the enemy....I have no sympathy for anyone in gitmo...they live better than some here in the U.S.... -do I want people that are innocent tortured, NO, but if they are not innocent, believe me, spraying cold water in their faces or threatening them with a dog...etc...is NOTHING compared to what some planned to do and or executed.

I am sick of the US and our Military being the bad guys....gal...and I am disgusted with the left...they are not Americans...they say they support our troops but not the war....what a bunch of treasonous traitors.


BTW....Kerry is back.............

He is due to be on BOR trying to regain support and again calling the SVPT liars....John O'Neill now has enought to sue the NY slime for their lies........

Hope you and yours are well.

Best wishes,
Layla (Doll)

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Layla, Thanks for the strong support.
Here is her slightly moderated next post:

Since you moderate all comments before you allow them to be posted as I myself now do - too many spammers and trolls...I will leave you the permalink to the article on Kerry....he is a 'piece of work' or should I [say______]......... I will never get over that man and his lies...UGLY MAN....UGLY LIES, UGLY TREASONOUS TRAITOR....

More on John Kerry - TheTruth, The Lies & The NYTimes


He is sick....real sick...a sociopath and a narcissist....what nerve, what ego.

Blogger a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Pretty tiring when all the complaints touted are those of our enemy locked up.


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