20 May, 2006

Iron Curtain

Here is the memorial Bridge at Andau in the foreground. It took about two hours to locate it, but we came by way of the Austrian side! Next time I go I'll approach from the Southern, Hungarian side.

In the background, you may be able to see a real fence, complete with guard towers and guards who shot to kill.

Those who have never read, heard about or seen the remenants of the iron curtain surrounding the communist USSR should educate yourselves. Communism is evil. Hungary has been free for almost 20 years now, but scars remain.


Blogger T.L. Stanley said...

good post

Blogger highboy said...

Thank God for Reagan! If you ever want to increase your page views, just praise Reagan.

Blogger 3pillars said...

Although communism doesn't pose as much of a threat as it did twenty years ago, the time has not yet come for us to lay down our arms. Radical Islam and the influx of illegal aliens are dangerous and can have catastrophic effects on our future and that of our children. We must learn from the past and never let down our guard.

Blogger Fix4RSO said...

Chief, you are so right.

Funny things happened on the way to the Fulda Gap (look that one up, folks!).

Having been stationed in Germany (USAFE) from 1982-1984, I've had my taste. I took a few days leave to drive my car around the border on my way to West Berlin. One evening while trying to "see" the fence, I accidentally drove 50 yards away from it. There was a guard tower just 400 yds away on a bluff, and occupied. One guard grabbed a rifle (guess what kind) and the other grabbed his phone to call in the contact.

Wanna know why it was sooo important? I had USAFE plates on my vehicle. That type of sighting is very strange to the East Germans. In fact, they must report all contact with the US and the West Germans.

Funny thing number 2 was that a Polizei van (VW Van, duh) with some new recruits drove up about 4 minutes later. The senior officers laughed 'cause they were sure one of the East German guards had a heart attack seeing me. ;)

Stories of my being in Berlin, making the trek across into the Eastern Block (ON ACTIVE DUTY as a tourist), and the contact I've had there, need to go up on my blog. I really love coming here and seeing your histroy, Chief. It's one of the main points of interest for me.

Oh, well and of course, THE TRUTH too. ;)

Take care, and God Bless, Chief!

Blogger Michael Reese said...

Good post as usual! Any chance we can see some more pictures?

Blogger a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

The U.S. putting a wall up has been compared to the towers in the East and the wall around Berlin.

Understanding this piece of world history is a necessity, that unfortunately is already considered ancient history.

I recall the wall, the towers and the dead zone vividly from my time stationed in Berlin. The East was a stark point of comparison to the West. You can bet there weren't many if not any on the Eastern side that believed the wall was up to keep the West out.

Blogger Brooke said...

Great post, Chief!

It is always fascinating to see hisorical sites still fucntioning.


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