03 May, 2006

Laws: gravity, supply and demand

There are several laws. Laws always apply. Except in outer space in a space capsule or except in a communist/socialist society where a government attempts to control prices or supply. When people are free to choose, supply and demand apply. Think about gasoline, medicines and education.

The Truth: I talked with several Canadians last week. They explained their "universal coverage" for medical procedures. Their utopian idea is that every single person should have access, equally to every medical procedure. This is a fine goal, but does not work in a free society. This is a forced trade of time for money. The problem is that some people have more time, and some people have more money. The society (former liberal Canadian government) made a forced choice for the people who live there: Time is more valuable than money and people have the same. This is not true. People should be able to work and use their money how they want to. The Canadians also said that people traveled south of their border to purchase medical procedures they choose not to wait for. The people decide what is best for them. The same answer should soon be available for education here in the USA.


Anonymous Doug said...

Wait! Chief, you are not advocating a free market approach to education are you? Where would all of those poor oppressed workers get an education if not in a state run monopoly? Are you sure you what to advocate the last remaining vestige of Communism in the United States? If we do that, then who will we pick on?

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Sarcasm noted ! The poor oppressed workers could still access the public-communist school system funded by the taxpayers. Those who want their children to have a more "fair and balanced" education could opt for an actual education. They wouldn't be forced to send their children to be brainwashed by the NEA-communist teachers. I would be glad to finally relax and have no one to pick on. I wish they would stop trying to force their ideas on me.

Blogger mike said...

Hi Chief! The less Utopian idea that many Canadians hold is that nobody in Canada should be denied medical service because he can't afford it. I suspect that you will see Canadian medicare move towards a system that ensures that a minimum standard of access is ensured while the "extras" could be purchased privately if the individual so desires.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Mike. The only problem with that idea is that a government would be dictating what a "minimum standard" is. What is is, remember?

People should be free to choose what they do with their hard earned money.

Recently, one person waited 5 1/2 hours for a tetanus shot after stepping on a rusty nail. This was necessary because they went the government route. Had they paid case or used a private insurance card, the wait may have been a few minutes.


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