10 April, 2006


Today I received my official retirement from the USAF, ANGUS, Air National Guard. I was pleased to see Presdient George Bush's signature on the USAF certificate. You can see the rest of my history on my profile. I tell The Truth. I found my first smear on a related blog today, on Sunday of all days. I will not attempt to sign into their group on msn, but will make a blanket statement to all: If you have a question, ask it. People are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, civilian or military. Those who fight and defend this country from all enemies both foreign and domestic deserve at least that much respect.

Check the above link for similar smears to other people.

I guess I should be pleased that my reputation deserves the smear that some person made. By the way, I don't pretend to wear the uniform or play Soldier. I have done it. If you haven't, fine, as my mother said: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything".


Anonymous Amy Proctor said...

Wow, retirement! How do you feel? Usually Army friends who retire are very melancholy about it. It's a whole lifestyle that's very rich and meaningful, even though hard.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Thank you. I thought a bit about your experience with unsaviory characters. Your good friends are what is important. Maybe I should have titled it retirement.
It was time. Just like retiring from teaching in 1997. It is important to leave on your own terms and on a high note. Some athletes have made similar comments. They didn't want to stay too long and not perform at their best. Having been in the Guard vs Reguars may have taken an edge off, and working at the VA educating Soldiers and Airmen about their benefits helps the transition also. Keep up your good works. Our grandchild celebrated his first birthday this weekend.

Blogger Michael Reese said...

Even though we disagree on a lot of stuff, you are still the man. I thank you for all your service you have done for our Country!

Blogger Brooke said...

A smear, huh?

It's a sign of fame, Chief!

Happy retirement, and thank you for your service to this country. My family, as are all American families, are in your debt.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Thanks. I won't give them the satisfaction by repeating the inuendu, stereotype and prejudicial comments posted elsewhere. Mine is mild, but Michelle's examples and Amy Proctors are even worse since she has young children.
You are welcome.

Anonymous Doug said...


Congratulations on your retirement. Thank you for your service. As for those who wish to smear you, well, let them walk the walk and talk the talk first but I doubt that many of them have the fortitude to do so.

Blogger jcrue said...

I just discovered your blog and wanted to wish you congratulations on your retirement. My father was career Air Force as well.

We thank you for your service.

I regret leaving the Corps everyday.

Semper Fi.


Blogger Chief RZ said...

jcrue-- Thanks. You too. Semper Fi.
Did you see NCIS last night? Gibbs left in disgust. It was a good one. My next posting....


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