31 March, 2006

Thin Red Line of Heroes

Well it’s Tommy this and Tommy that
And Tommy how’s your soul?
But it’s the thin red line of heroes
When the drums begin to roll

The full poem by Rudyard Kipling can be found at the end of the link above, beginning with the revealing "Before my son became a Marine, I never thought much about who was defending me". Either should reveal the patriot's soul, and maybe a tear.

Here is a better link for the above picture.

or here: http://www.93rdhighlanders.com/index1.html

This month's VFW magazine has several stories about our recent returning combat veterans.
Authors lament the fact that only 4/10ths of 1% wear the military uniform.
2% is more accurate
The point is that we do not need those who can not qualify. A military career is rewarding, difficult and dangerous, but necesssary to keep the wolves off our door. I have already commented on draft proposals

Volunteer, assist, get out of the way, but support our Heroes.


Blogger T.L. Stanley said...

I took a look at this picture. It is great. I ran a copy for my Patriot's Newsletter. Take care.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Thanks, t.l., I did find it on the web. Since my blog is non-commercial, I make no money, so there is no foul.

Anonymous Doug said...


It has always been the thin line of young men who keep our country and our liberties safe. God help us if they ever stop.

Blogger Fix4RSO said...

Chief, the father that wrote that piece evokes an unbelievable surge as I read. Parents are proud even when they are confused. My Dad was an RAF "back-seater" in WWII. His home was bombed often as a young man in Manchester, UK. He jumped at the chance to "take it to 'em".

When I enlisted, he was a much older man, and he was there with me every step of the way. I think everyone knew where his son was, and he was very proud.

He still is, and I know he still talks about _my_ service.

Maybe it's time to talk about _his_ service.

Thanks again for putting another one out there that makes me think.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by "my place". :)

(as an aside, I wish I could be VFW, but alas, no foreign war for me. my time in the 80's was far from "global" or "foreign" even though I served on foreign soil.)

Blogger Chief RZ said...

I was invited numerous times to join the VFW, AL, etc before 2004, and I always, honestly replied that I was not qualified. When I got my official DD 214, I joined. I know that many have done more work, so I and others understand. You were not in the right place at the right time, but would have, as we all would.
The attached piece about the Marine's dad is very revealing. It was published nationally at the time. I especially noted the lament: What did we do wrong in the school (to brainwash him); revealing the liberal's attitude to those who give them the freedom to twist reality and truth.
Many also do not know all about Rudyard Kipling.


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