09 March, 2006


People think from one of these positions and their actions reveal which is in control.

The late Dr. Eric Berne created the term: Transactional Analysis (P-A-C). It is interesting to see through people with this knowledge. The short version can be found in Games People Play.
A longer explanation can be found in: What do you say after you say hello. I found both helpful during my teaching career and now with interpersonal and group relationships.

Basically: Parent-- lifesaving rituals like teeth brushing, CPR and beliefs
Adult-- Analysis and fact gathering, computations, and risk analysis
Child-- Feelings like love, enjoyment and games

Some people unfortunately are trapped in one of the three. Too much parental indoctrination/childlife reactions may become the only way of living with too much drug use/ "married" to a job may cause a person lacking emotions or life saving skills.

I have encountered certain people in the blog-a-sphere who seem to be trapped in one of these three positions--they seem to be playing games like NIGYSOB. (Read the first book)

Sign in: What type do you prefer? Any Dr. Berne fans here? Where do you think I come from most of the time?


Blogger Fix4RSO said...

Chief, I am still wrestling with this post. I so want to answer, but I continue to reflect on the points made and how _I_ "fit". Maybe that is the answer, but I believe until I can definitively say, to myself from within, that I have answered - there still is no answer yet from me.

I will answer, I'm just not too sure when ... :)

You make me think, always.

Take care!

Blogger Chief RZ said...

No problem. You and I usually converse from our Adult. The positions change instantly during the day, depending on the circumstances. You don't "fit", but we can change from "where we are coming from" -- in response to where the other person is coming from. Communications are difficult if not impossible when people are coming from different positions. I recommend the book, Games People Play. It is probably in paperback and is only about 100 pages, written in layman's language.
Thanks for the compliment, (it was an Adult) reply.
I was wondering about this post. It probably went over many people's heads, but the premise of TA or Transactional Analysis is readily observable in people.


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