20 March, 2006

March 20 National Hungary Day

President Bush honored the Hungarians for their independence fights in 1848 and 1956.

Washington, D.C. (AHN) – President Bush on Wednesday has marked the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising by declaring a celebration of National Hungary Day held at the Capitol.
The Hungarian uprising was the first significant move against Soviet dominance in central Europe during the country’s communism years.
Bush says: “The Hungarian example is an example of patience and an example of the fact that freedom exists in everybody's soul,”
“It's an example that tyranny can never stamp out the desire to be free. It's an example that - of a country that, once becomes free, joins with other freedom-loving countries to keep the peace.”
Bush had thanked Hungary and its Ambassador the U.S., Andras Simonyi, for its contributions and efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Imre Nagy was executed in 1958 by communists, another statistic of the 100 million or so deaths by communism. A memorial to his efforts during the 1956 indepencence attempt stands in a school in Kaposvar, his birthplace.


Blogger Mercuda said...

Bush never mentioned that it was mostly Hungarian communists that were unsatisfied with Soviet communist rule, and especially the secret police.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

I didn't read where he singled out the various Hungarian patriots that resisted Communism from the USSR. Not too many Hungarians embraced communism as seen by the complete revolt of the [men of csepel].
The Truth: One of the first things a Hungarian friend shared with me when we talked about this time was: "There was no counter-revolution". Read the book.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

And this guy, George Soros has finally been EXPOSED!!!


His tight links to key figures in the City of London, the British Foreign Office, to Israel’s Mossad intelligence service and the American Establishment are also carefully concealed.

The myth of Soros as the "lone financier" is not the only fabrication. According to his many media flaks, Soros is a "Holocaust Survivor," a "self-made man" and the great philanthropist of our age. So who is Soros?

The official version is that Soros was born in 1930 to Jewish parents in Hungary and as a teenager was chased from Budapest by the invading Nazis. But, like so many things about Mr Soros, superficial impressions mislead. As far as it is possible to get at the truth, in Budapest in 1944 George Soros led a double life. His father, Tivador, a lawyer and editor of a journal in Esperanto (an almost forgotten effort to create a world language) forged official papers to disguise the family’s Jewish heritage: and save his family from the death camps. He had already sold off his property, so there was nothing for the Nazis to confiscate.

The papers saved the family. During the Nazi occupation, with German and Hungarian fascists rounding up some 300 000 Jews, young Soros posed as the Christian godson of an Hungarian official responsible for expropriating Jewish property. The 14-year old George sometimes accompanied his supposed godfather, helping to identify and expropriate the property of wealthy fellow Jews. So far from being a "Holocaust Survivor," George Soros was instead a Nazi collaborator.

In a TV interview, 15.4.93, Soros made the startling admission: "I actually went with him, and we took decisions on these large estates. That was my identity. So it’s a strange, very strange, life." To this day, Soros recalls those as "the happiest years of my life."

After the Nazis came the communists. In 1947 Soros skedaddled to London to escape retribution by survivors. He enrolled at the London School of Economics, where he met his second mentor, the libertarian philosopher, Karl Popper, the Viennese émigré who taught philosophy at the LSE after the war and who coined the phrase "open society."

Soros graduated in 1952 and in 1956 moved to New York, where he worked for several years on Wall Street. In 1969 he set up his own investment fund, Quantum Fund NV, with capitalisation of $4 million. A private mutual fund, Quantum is registered in the tax haven of Curacao, in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. This is to avoid paying taxes, as well as to hide the true nature of his investors and what he does with his money.

To evade control of his financial activities by the US administration, not a single US citizen sits on the Quantum board. Its directors are a curious mix of Swiss and Italian financiers.

However, it is apparent that the Rothschilds dominate the board. Listed as a board member is one, Richard Katz. He is also head of the Rothschild Italia S.p.A. in Milan and also on the board of the commercial bank, N M Rothschild & Son in London. Another board member is Nils O Taube, a partner in the London investment group, St James’ Place Capital, of which Lord Rothschild is one of its main partners.

Speculation is that through his association with Mossad, he can call on the resources of the Zionist apparatus in the world financial committee. Overall, then, it seems that Soros does indeed have access to the inside track of the world’s most important information channels, both government and banks.

From his appalling record, it is clear that for Soros and his associates there is no such thing as the common welfare. That was amply demonstrated in 1989 when Soros, aided and abetted by his friend, Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Harvard, was directly responsible for the collapse and huge disruptions caused by their "shock therapy" in Russia. There had been zero or negative growth in the old USSR from the early 1980s.

The ludicrously draconian measures foisted on Moscow by the Soros/Sachs "reform" plan brought unprecedented chaos and foreseeable hyperinflation, followed by the breakup of Russia. In the following havoc and confusion, Soros and his pals bought up resources across wide parts of the area at rock bottom prices.

Soros admits that he knew his "economic shock treatment" would lead to severe unemployment, the closing of factories and business houses, and social tensions. This, seemingly, did not trouble him in the least.

In the early 1990’s, a "Yugoslav reform programme" drafted by Jeffrey Sachs and involving Soros, was approved by the IMF in the name of the Markovich government. This was an equal disaster, leading to the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the ongoing war in the Balkans.

In March 1993 Soros proclaimed, with great publicity, that the price of gold was about to rise sharply: that he had just obtained "inside information" that China was about to buy huge sums of gold for its booming economy. The next month, again with great publicity, he purchased a 20% stake in Newman Mining, a Denver-based gold company, from controllers Sir James Goldsmith and Lord Jacob Rothschild. The fourth major partner in Newmont was reportedly Li Ka Shing, at the time Hong Kong’s leading narco-billionaire.

The drug connection is relevant, as much of the money flowing into the international derivatives markets – and into the sort of currency weapon in which Soros specialises – is laundered drug money.


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