06 April, 2006

Enemies within

"It is while men talk of the lessons of history . . . they ignore them" -- From AMVETS

"Public squabbling over the war's progress can undermine U.S. troops' efforts" -- American Legion article printed in Air Force Times, 10April06.

A revealing quote from Thomas L. Bock: "Gen. Giap (North Vietnamese) is an old man now, but you can bet that the most notorious terrorist in iraq, Abu Musaf al-Zarqawi, shares his desire to divide and conquer the American people by sowing seeds of doubt and dissension on the home front."

Chief RZ: "Some people are simply naive about the effect their actions have on our enemies, but certain people are intentionally undermining our military and political efforts to promote peace and freedom around the world."


Blogger T.L. Stanley said...

The Communist influence is overwhelming.
There are too many Commies at home. Americans do not realize the impact of the Communist movement within most of our public institutions. Commies want America to fail. The ACLU, American Communist Lawyers Union, is doing everything possible to dismantle American traditions. And, the Democrats are working overtime to discourage the American military and the public.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

t.l. --- No doubt. Those who attempt to discredit patriots like ourselves do so because they know we tell The Truth. Kerry tried to shut up the Swift Boat for Truth Veterans because they told the truth and nothing but.

Anonymous -- I do not post here for profit. No amount of money would entice me to go "for profit". You probably have never run into people like me in your life.


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