11 April, 2006

Communists backed

The recent "protests" organized by ANSWER and the Marxist Workers World Party are a veiled attempt at anarchy and lawlessness. It has been said that only 1/2 of 1% of the people or about 240,000 in Russia took to the streets that brought down the former government there in 1917.

Some have tried to say that my blog against communism is unnecessary and too reactive. Look at this yourself. Do you really want to live in a country without laws and re-education camps, real torture chambers and where 10% controls the 90% who would be their slaves?


Blogger T.L. Stanley said...

Good Post. I think you are right on target with regard to the Commies. Most Americans do not realize who is behind most anti-American protests. Take care.

Anonymous Doug said...


As long as Fidel is alive and the Communist Party of China holds a quarter of the world's population in an oppressive police state in which political dissent is not tolerated and as long as tin pot neo-fascists and neo-Stalinists like Chavez of Venezuela exist, your blog is necessary if only to be a firebell in the night.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Thanks, Doug. There are so many sheep out there. That may be my next posting.

Blogger 2Hotel9 said...

Chief, there is a very good piece in January's Legion Magazine, writen by Dave Grossman, on the subject of sheep, and those who protect them. I was surprised you did not hit that thread sooner, the usual moonbats jumped right in.

Anonymous Wiarton said...

I didn't know Chavez, was a "Neo Stalinist"? What makes him a "Neo-stalinist", the fact that you disagree with his brand of socialism? Believe it or not, he is an elected leader. Do you guys have a clue what happened with respect to the attempted Coup in Venezuela and the rest of what transpired? I doubt it.

Although there isn't much in terms of "fascist theory", however, if you understand its brand as something that stemmed from Muscolini's regime, you would also understand why the meddlings of the current US government is considered bordering on facist tendencies. Until then I suppose it just sounds cool to be accusing people of "neo-stalinism", and "neo-fascism". Thats about it.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

I don't waste a lot of time trying to pigeon-hole communists and socialists. Both are basically thieves and liars. The Truth is well documented in the book I recommend, The Bridge at Andau. In it, the communist system is totally discredited. I have been there and talked with real people who survived and "swam" in 1957. Communism is evil.
I don't waste time worrying or even acknowledge terms like neo this or that. They are what I said. They want others to work for them. I would be glad to educate you.
Yes, I heard that Chavez was elected. They now have to live with their choice. Sadam was also elected as was Nakita in the 1950s. He was the first ruler of USSR not to be executed (purged) is the word the liars use.
What is your problem? Where do you live? I may have exchanged views with you before. I'll be glad to continue, but want to know first, your age, education and what, if anything is influencing you.

Anonymous Wiarton said...

Who wants "others to work for them? If you could explain to me exactly how Chavez wants others to work for him, that would be excellent. I didn't know that protecting Venezuela's natural resources from billion dollar oil vultures(exxon, shell etc), was a crime? Saddam Hussein was elected??

Chief, I didn't know you required my cirriculum vitae, in order to engage in any sort of debate? Wouldn't it be easier just to take my words at face value, as apposed to judging based on my personal history? A constructive debate is usually measured by the substance of material in the debate, not by the history of those who engage in it.

take care

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Communists and socialists. Again, read some history. This is why I asked a question on your previous education. Yes, Sadam was elected at least twice. He showed that he gathered 99.7% and 99.5% in another one. You can see that the people were probably under pressure to vote for him. You do know that only those in the communist party-- about 7 to 10% of the elite are allowed to vote for leaders in a communist country, don't you?
Do you not live in Canada?
If so, can you now legally view any TV station and go to wherever you wish for health care. I mention this because your former liberal government blocked both before the last vote of no confidence.

Anonymous Doug said...

First, let me say that I was the one who used the term neo-Stalinist but not to describe Chavez specifically. I see him as more of a neo-fascist. As to my knowlege of the coups in Venezuela, Peru and other South American countries, I am well aware of the turbulent history of Latin America in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and even to the current decade. I hate all forms of socialism as I see them as antithetical to human freedom. In the end, under all socialist systems, someone other than the individual decides who gets what and how much and that is simply slavery.

Anonymous Amy P said...

Chief, did you know the communists are meeting in downtown Columbia on May 1? My friend and I might go, just for fun.


Blogger Chief RZ said...

I just got back from a trip. I will try to be there with camera. I'm sure The State will advertise the event !

Blogger Bike Bubba said...

Technically, Chief, the % in the Communist Party in most nations was 5% or less, with decisions actually made by a committee of no more than 100. So technically 95% to over 99% of the residents of communist nations were enslaved.

A benign correction I think!


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