18 May, 2006

The Truth on NCIS and The Unit

These two Television shows are fiction, but...

This week on NCIS, in a period of a few minutes the following facts were mentioned: On Clinton's watch, the Khobar Towers with the Iranian connection, the "rockets into tents in the desert", 9-11.

On The Unit, the French were thoroughly fried. Their ineptitude and arrogance along with the UN was exposed. They were called frogs, which is analogous to calling Jews kykes, Germans krouts, Negroes niggers, and Italians WOPS. The most arrogant even took pride in his heritage with Napoleon. The Unit had to capture a Serbian war criminal in Bosnia. The French let him slip away and The Unit had to kill all the criminals during a formal dinner! I am not sure what happened on CBS to allow this much Truth, but it was refreshing!


Blogger Brooke said...

Crud! I missed it.

Blogger Lady Jane said...

I didn't watch the Unit (though I would if House weren't on at the same time), but I did see NCIS. We were cheering!

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Thanks, ladies, and thanks for your support of our "men in arms".
I left out the part when the French-Napoleon wantabe who stopped the operation when the UN film crew showed up! NCIS was similar when the affirmative person didn't want some TV crew on land might film an altercation. Because of that, an entire cruise ship was blown up. Sticking to the facts, however, it seemed that the writers of NCIS had just read MY FBI. Excellent if you get the time, and thanks again for the visit and comments.

Blogger a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog. You've got me wondering what Liberal blog you saw a post of mine at. I'm not losing sleep over it though.

I'm very pleased to hear that you're going to add me to your blogroll; I'll do the same with your. I'm also happy to have a fellow veteran discovering my site and thinking it's not bad.

As far as "The Unit" is concerned I don't watch it. I have no idea, as I have never seen it, but I always am a little concerned when I see ads for a new show like that. My concern is that viewers will get the impression that this, that or the other thing is possible "Hollywood" style (or maybe that I will). That and I don't think I would be too successful in convincing my better-half to watch a show of that type with me.

We don't give reality the attention it deserves these days, which is a truly scary thing.

Keep up the good fight and thanks for you service.

Your site looks to be very worthy of visiting; I'll be back often.

Out here!

Blogger highboy said...

I can't watch cable shows, especially involving the military or espionage. 24 ticks me off because my dad worked field for the NSA and show biz always screws up reality. Excellant post however. Your right, it was refreshing, and shocking from CBS!

Anonymous Amy Proctor said...

I'm with Radar, I can't watch those shows, either. I pretty much avoid anything on the major networks, ESPECIALLY when it comes to military shows. They're usually a joke. I find so many errors that it burns me up, and that's not what I need at the end of the day!

CBS is probably trying to be controversial by depicting some truth in their programming.

Blogger stitchingpooh said...

Iguess i missed that one. Saw a couple of the unit , conflicts with work/sleep schedule. I'll try to tape it and check it out. :)


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