16 June, 2006

More killed in training

than in our entire Global War on Terror Combat Operations.

In 1980, there were 117 noncombat deaths per 100,000 service members -- about 2,390 deaths per year (emphasis added for clarity) out of 2.05 million service members. In 1996, there were 68 noncombat deaths per 100,000 servicemembers -- 1,020 noncombat deaths out of 1.5 million servicemembers. Of those, 228 service members died in privately owned vehicle accidents and 190 service members committed suicide. That is, per year, less that the 2,500 number touted by the liberals on the airways today.-- AFIS news, linked here.

The comment about the green zone in Baghdad has an analogous no go zone in Washington, D. C.
Hopefully after Badhdad has been made safer, our National Guard Troops can clean up our own Nation's Capitol!

The Truth: While on a TDY to Phoenix, Arizona, a friend of mine was walking just four blocks from the convention center. A patrol car stopped, a Phoenix policeman got out and told him,
"you better walk back to the center, it's not safe here and we can't protect you"!


Blogger a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...


Certainly no one wants soldiers to die in combat, with the seeming exception of the Left and its media. Considering the price we would pay if we left the extremists to their own devices, it is pretty small.

I work in Phoenix and it isn't a bad city, although I'm not aware of any city, the downtown section of which that I would feel safe in at night.

Blogger Brooke said...

Criminals might behave much better if the police carried M-16's and weren't resticted so much in their ability to use them!

Blogger Chief RZ said...

blandly-- Sorry for The Truth, but maybe they have cleaned up the unsaviory characters by now!

brooke-- Yes, ma'am. But the better, moral solution is not haveing policemen second-guessed when they use force, dogs, make arrests, use physical force, take evidence, and in general enforce laws. I am corresponding with several people who are actually incarcerated for doing their job.
Possible next post. I'll check out The Truth first.

Anonymous Doug said...

Strange how the fact that more troops are killed in training mishaps each year than have been killed during the War on Terror has never been reported in the mainstream press. Keep telling the truth, Chief!


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