18 July, 2006

Voice of reason and logic

This morning I heard just three callers into C-Span. The discussion was about the recent attacks on Israel.

I remember the 1967 war. After a naval blockade and the dismissal of UN peacekeepers in place since the 1950s, Israel made a pre-emptive strike, then Israel was attacked by: Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Syria. In what is also called the Six Day War, Israel scored stunning victories against their Soviet-backed opponents.

The moderator read from a "newspaper" about Israel fighting against Lebanon. The caller on the Republican line simply and correctly stated that Israel is fighting against Hezbollah, which happens to be firing missiles at Israel from Lebanon. Hezbollah had seized two Israeli Soldiers in an across-the-border raid into Israel, an act of war. Lebanon does have a Hamas-led government. The missiles are strongly suspected of being supplied by Iran and Syria.

Thankfully, there are enough intelligent people with some free time to counter the obsolete media that thinks it can "solve" the world's problems.


Blogger T.L. Stanley said...

Good post. I remember the 1967 war. I was in Korea with the 8th Army. Some in the MSM have forgotten how the Muslims tried to drive Israel into the sea in that war. Keep up the good work. Take care.

Blogger Brooke said...

C-Span... *sigh*

They are almost the English-speaking branch of al-Jazeera, with as much propaganda as they put out.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

C-Span is not quite that bad, except some of the callers. Ralph Reed is sometimes the host. I like it because the moderators do not take sides, or offer "solutions" like Katie.
Don't you agree?

Blogger D.Daddio Al-Ozarka said...


I agree to a point, Chief! I am a devoted fan of Washington Journal. But there are at least three moderators who allow leftist rant to go on and on while cutting off reasoned remarks by those on the right.

It irks me, but I'm glad that the Journal is around. I consider it the original Blog.

This is my first vist to your sight. It won't be my last.

BTW, I served 4 years in the AF. # of it was served at RAF MILDENHALL, UK.


Would you mind my linking you?

Anonymous Amy Proctor said...

All you hear on the talk shows is that this should be solved diplomatically. How do you do that when Hezbollah and Hamas cannot keep their word or a cease fire? The sneaky little bastards. ACtually, they aren't sneaky, they're right out there with their agenda.

Anonymous ukfriend said...

Glad to see there are still some real Americans out there, keeping it alive!
d-daddio,-- I went to the last Mildenhall airshow, just before they finished after the day of infamy.
What a fantastic day! What fantastic guys and girls in the AF. Saw the B1b!
Chatted to a stealth pilot about whether he had ever seen ufo's!
Watched the B52 making low passes over the field. Fantastic, shame they finished due to security reasons. Miss seeing so many of your guys around the UK. Now we have to have "different" neighbours. God bless America.

Anonymous Doug said...


It is clear to those of us who understand the problem that the Israelis have no choice. Either they decimate Hezbollah or there eventually will be a second Holocaust. Hamas and Hezbollah have never hidden their hatred for Jews in general and Israel in particular. Anyone who thinks that you can have a diplomatic solution to this situation is seriously self-deluded.


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