26 June, 2006

Eye of the beholder

I was helping a colleague and while waiting, I saw something like this on the bulletin board at an undisclosed location: "No ogling, leering or staring, etc." The bottom line was: Perception is their reality. I reject that. In that case, I can make a Doctor out of a bum.

Just for the sake of argument, what if I wear sunglasses, what if I am blind, and, what if I am actually looking at that snake poised on an overhanging limb about to strike. No one, I repeat, no one can claim or know what another person is looking at. More than that, in public, anyone is free to look wherever and at whatever they choose. This is America. If some private place wants to behave like fantasyland, that is their choice, but not in public.

I would like replies this week, especially from women.


Blogger Brooke said...

As a woman, I would say that posting something like that sign may be about the most arrogant thing I have heard in quite some time.

I guess she thinks she's good looking.

If ya' don't want to be ogled, don't be an enabler by wearing risque clothing.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Thanks, Brooke, You are my kind of 'person' shall I say who 'happens to be a woman'.

Maybe you can reply to a negative comment if there are any.

Blogger T.L. Stanley said...

The PC crowd is getting crazy. This things that they come up with are just goofy. Take care.

Blogger Brooke said...

Shucks, Chief; thanks!

I'd be glad to, if there are any comers!

Blogger Chief RZ said...


The Truth (of course): I will slightly change the place, circumstances and one other fact of an ongoing investigation into
"sexual harrasment"
1. I'm not the "accused"
2. I was 'around' when it supposedly happened
3. A full blown investigation is now ongoing about a compliment one person gave another.
4. They were about 15 feet away from each other.
5. The compliment was along the lines of, ~~~'thanks for the good job you are doing, supporting the troops, let me shake your hand'~~
6. The line is, as I stated on the original blog, that, supposedly, the "offense" is in the eye of the beholder.... but whose? This is completely insane.
People like this who are hyper-sensitive need to seek help.

Blogger Fix4RSO said...

OK, I waited, now from the other side, so to speak.

It's true that many situations can be misconstrued. Often times those that are hypersensitive seek errors in ones ways before they truly grasp any situation. And, it is our current attempt to make things "even" that so many have taken fair to an unfair level.

Today, while people that we elect continue to strip away what freedom truly is in the pursuit of fairness, we get inequality. How can this be?

Because this country was FOUNDED on the principles of Godliness, God's love and respect for us all, and His being the example we must all follow. If we follow His example, and His only Son's examples, fair is but a given. And we are being trapped because we cannot see beyond the trees those that have no love of God have sown.

The trees are getting thicker out there, and this person of which you speak, Chief, has decided the forest is the trees - and visa versa. Too bad those being one in the same means a life without happiness, full of darkness and dread, where around every trunk something evil lies in wait.

I choose light. Well, light with a few alders and birches for color and a break in the horizon! ;)

Good post and comments, Chief! In fact, your post aligns with a e-mail/letter I just received from someone. He writes for a few sites/papers/magazines, and his current is in Smartmoney.com today ... good timing!

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Thanks, fix4rso.
Remember the father who testified after the 'columbine' shootings?
He said that it was not the gun, nor a club that caused Cain to slay Able, but evil in the world.
Yes, certain people took God and Jesus out of our schools in the mid-60s and who do you think filled his place?
Then when some bad thing happens, liberals throw up their hands and blame everything (like guns) and everyone (church leaders) for the problem when it was those certain people who threw out the very person who can bring peace to this world. --- so, we both think the same on this. I am glad to know you.

Blogger Fix4RSO said...

Chief, your post, this post, got me to writing. I come here often to get "one more piece to the puzzle". ;) I am very glad to know you, and thankful for the heights I can reach because of your posts and insights.

This post and the comments here are the impetus to what I think is my favorite 4th of July post (on my site and CaliforniaConservative.org). I believe that shackles have been placed on our wrists. These shackles are Political Correctness and the Nanny State.

I believe that PC and the Nanny State are derivatives of what you site above, removing God and Jesus from our schools, museums, public places, and memorials. To tear down that which is the primary leveler for fairness is what has brought on all the terrible acts we see today. In other words, when reverence and godliness are removed there is a great void which must be filled - any good society abhors voids of any kind. Reverence and godliness are replaced by their cold and less than powerful foes Political Correctness and the Nanny State.

It's sad, but it will not bring me down. I believe people cut from our bolt of cloth cannot be brought down - just made more resolute. True? ;)

God Bless you, Chief! Thanks for being here!

Anonymous Oyster said...

I miss the good ol' days when men ogled me! ;-)

fix4rso is right about the push to drive our Creator out of the public place. I've always seen the direct danger in that. Our founding fathers stated clearly that our rights are bestowed on us by our Creator. Not by our government or any human being. They merely saw themselves as protectors of what is rightfully ours by the simple virtue of being born. They are pushing to remove references to God from our schools, from our pledge of allegience and now the drive to take it out of every pubic place and removed even from our money. Once that is done, it's only a matter of time before it becomes wrong to overtly display these things on private property so as not to "offend" the eyes of some - a very small minority. Now we have "hate speech", "ogling". We have changed the definition of "greed" to mean that one hasn't "given their fair share". We've changed the definition of "tolerance" to mean "accepting everything as equal without question". We've changed the definition of many things to mean something they really don't because the moral foundation of what these things truly mean is crumbling away.

fix4rso also says that something must fill that void. This is no small or insignificant void. It is a great, sucking hole. What will fill that void is this:

When our Creator is out of the picture, who will be perceived as the one which bestows our freedoms on us? Our government. And that, my friend, is where the danger lies. Changing the very fabric from which our freedoms are woven. For our government are merely men. There is no constant truth in man. Only God.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

oyster--- I took a chance stepping out on this one, but am glad to see the comments that followed. Now I know and you know about me.

I had hoped to hear from a few marginal women's point of view and have a logical debate, but either they are too busy bashing Bush or trying to keep The Right to Kill babies.


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