09 September, 2006

Censored by Social Democrats

The ABC TV series about the Clinton Administration's incompetence and downright unpatriotic response to our being attacked numerous time by UBL should expose exactly who was to blame (and vote out). Democrats

Albright, Burger, Gorlick, all the do-nothing, obstructionist players are there. Time for those without cable to HEAR THE TRUTH. That's why the democrats don't want this aired. The average joe will see it on his open air TV.

Shameful. Censors.


Blogger rusty shakelford said...

What scares Democrats is the idea of a movie. If you write something in a book especially one without pictures the chance of getting a democrat voter to see it are slim. Movies and non-news TV is how most democrats stay up to date with current events. The only more efficient way to get a message across to Democrats would be to put it in a video game.

Anonymous Doug said...

Here is the crux of the problem, Liberals, in general, are willing to distort the truth for their own gain, ie. "The Reagans" starring James Brolin but are unable to face the simple unvarnished facts of history. The inaction of the Clinton administration did leave the United States open to the devastating attacks which occured on September 11, 2001. That simple fact cannot be wished away. Until a majority of Liberals are able and willing to simply analize the facts of an event rather than choosing facts which fit their pre-conceived notions, no true dialogue can take place.

Blogger T.L. Stanley said...

You speak the truth. Take care.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

rusty-- That is correct. Look at the demographics of the last Presidential Election. The only group of people who voted for ?Gore? were People with multiple college graduate degrees and those making less than $20,000 a year.
Not being judgemental, but The Truth was hard for some people to read about or see if they didn't have cable. Now--I saw the first half last night. It followed pretty closely The Truth from several accurate books.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

doug, The other example was the Swift Boat for Truth group that was threatened with lawsuits for attempting to tell The Truth. I ran into a person like this last week. He didn't want me to volunteer to help clean up data entry problems for fear that I would find out The Truth! I will go elsewhere to find integrity.

Blogger Brooke said...

The very idea that they could scream about Bush violating Constitutional rights out of one side of their mouths while trying to censor with the other side?

It just goes to show how STUPID they think the American people are... and in the case of their fellow leftistas, they'd be right!


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