02 November, 2006

The Real John Kerry

Has shown his spots again. Even a third grade student understood that he was 'dissing' the military.

Democrats do not support our military. They do not support the USA. They do not support the free exercise of religion or even the mention of God on the public square. They support the communist ACLU. Vote this coming Tuesday.


Anonymous Zsa Zsa said...

Chief...What is wrong with the people in Massachusetts? Are they totally out of their minds? John Kerry is the most disrespectful creep! AND they keep electing Teddy and John Kerry! I don't get it...

Blogger Chief RZ said...

They deliver $ to unions and the unions return the $ to their campaigns. Have you ever heard of "The Big Dig"?
23+ Billion Dollars to construct 4 miles of interstate highway in Boston, MA

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Money talks to people who have low morals.

If BHO walked in front of me with $ 1,000,000 I would tell him to keep it.

I will not prostitute myself.


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