22 October, 2006

Islamic Facist fanatics are *mind bombs*

I have waited a while between posts to make another point. Some people have short memories. Some have forgotten 9/11.

My son and I just saw "Flags of our Fathers" yesterday. The Fanatic japanese were on display again as they were in the movie "The Great Raid". The japs were drived by a 1,000 year religion. Islamic fanatics by a 1,000+ year religion. Both groups blew themselves up in suicide attacks. Both groups committed attrocities, mutilation and torture. Both groups hid and hide behind some type of religious fervor.

During WW II, and the Iwo Jima assault, our press was on our side. In the GWOT, most of our press is on the side of our enemy, especially CNN that reportedly has broadcast attacks on our own Soldiers. Their actions remind me of some words Joseph Stalin used: not "useful idiots", but misplaced naive, misguided at best, and "helpful traitors" at worst.

Recently, Thomas L. Friedman published on 18Oct06 this year comparing certain people to with an Iraqi version of the Tet offensive. [see link in the dots above] Remember Dan Rather, Walter Chronchite and Walter Duranty? One accepted obviously false, manufactured documents in an attempt to manipulate the 2004 election. The next Walter changed our victory during Tet to a defeat by influencing the average American, at the time monopolized by the old NBC/CBS/ABC networks. The third sold his soul and seven (7) Million plus Ukranians for an interview with a bank robber and mass murderer.
Walter Duranty

The enemy, Islamic Facists have displayed fanaticism close to the JAPS for WW II, who to this day, have not even acknowledged their Rape of Nanking

UPDATE: And here is a video link: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/335129/the_nanking_massacre_it_did_happen/

Will our upcoming election on 7 November 2006 be determined by citizens who have been misled by CNN? or do we have longer memories, long enough to remember September 11, 2001?


Anonymous Zsa Zsa said...

Chief...Tomorrow early voting begins! I encourage all Republicans to get out and vote ASAP! It is more important than ever. We need our troops to secure our country in Iraq. IF the Dems have their way we will cut and run. The Libs have no ideas other than impeaching GWB. I am voting tomorrow.

Anonymous BezuFache said...

Good stuff Chief!
The Friedman link seems to be down.

Anonymous Zsa Zsa said...

Chief...What has happened to patriotism in the USA? When my parents were young in WWII the men were eager to serve. OR at least it seems that way to me? Have the commies infiltrated so much that it has seeped into our lives that much?...

Blogger Chief RZ said...

bezufache--I just checked it. The "free" site works, just click the tag name--Islamic Facists are *time bombs*
Excellent article.

Anonymous Zsa Zsa said...

Hi Chief, I want to thank you once again for explaining the gay marriage thing to me! Thanks!...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

. . by clicking on the upper hyperlink below, you'll bring up the graphic that illustrates my proposed concept for a 9/11 memorial , , ,'

. . . oh, yeah, you might think that the "circled A" detail looks familiar . . . well, it is . . . it was lifted from a royalty-free photo of the moon . . .

. . . as for why the moon should figure so significantly in this memorial, well, let me tell you it took me quite a while to get some inkling as to the REAL motivation of the "gollums", who either rammed or attempted to ram those airline jets into civilian targets . . .

. . . anyway, after viewing the graphic, please consider clicking on the hyperlink just underneath the first hyperlink mentioned . . . I believe the text at the other end divulges in precise and concise terms just what the hell was in the back of the mind of those bloodthirsty antiquated poltroons . . .

proposed 9/11 memorial

. . . oh, yeah, you might be put off a bit by the text . . . okay, so it's only fair to mentioned the blog post in question may be unsuited for perusal by people with squeamish disposition . . .

torture works


Blogger Chief RZ said...

It appears, Anoymous could be Sefton.
We have chatted before and at least you recognize the act of war on 9/11/01 that was caused by Islamic-Facist-racists when they killed innocent civilians. Cowards. If you wish I have a post on the racism of Islam. Care to comment?

Yes, torture does work sometimes. Different people can be convince to 'talk'. Just think of the millions and millions that Jospeh Stalin tortured To Death !

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok folks lets be objective here. in every freaking group of peope there is a common sense that says not all the people are the same.
there are always evil and good low and high big and small,
muslems are people human freaking being they breath oxygen too and drink water and if you are trying to connect between jap and muslems you are abslotely wrong japs when they commited suicide attacks they did it because they worship japan and when other muslem fanatics commit that they do it because of religious reasons that they belive what they are doing is the right thing regardless you see them killers or what ever you see them they do not really care they follow what they think is right . but the question that you need to answer is why they hate us?

Blogger Chief RZ said...

No, anonymous, you may try to figure out why someone "hates" US. Think if you might have asked that same question to the JAPS in WW II.

Read: American Caesar. McArthur does a good job describing the 1,000 year Shinto RELIGION that the Japanese believed connected them to their God on earth, the one who rode the white horse....

Here is an elementary place to start: http://library.thinkquest.org/15511/data/encyclopedia/hirohitoemperor.htm

WE -- the USA -- innocent civilians were attacked on 9/11/01. They also attacked the pentagon, a military target. The JAPS attacked a military target on 12/07/41, and even tried to warn us beforehand.

Look again at the title of this post: Islamic Facist fanatics are *mind bombs*. I allow that not all "Islamics" or Muslims are Facist nor fanatics. Stop trying to equate and dumb down what is reality. These people cut off heads of prisoners. Surely you have seen them do this on TV or the internet? We do not. We are morally straight and follow rules of war. Yes, as you say, a few, a tiny few individuals make the excess.

Know thy enemy. Don't be naive. Clinton tried to ignore, appease them. It didn't work. Bush faced the fanatics and we are beathing them back, finally.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Now the Islamic Facists in Somalia can ask: "Why do the Ethiopians hate us" --- phrase taken from anonymous' previous post above !

Just a little sarcasm: Would you have had the Chinese ask: "Why do the Japanese hate us" -- as they raped Nanjing. or
The Albanians: "Why do the Italians hate us" -- as they were invaded during WW II. or finally,
The Scots: "Why do the Romans hate us" -- The Scots were the only country or group not conquored by the Romans. It didn't take England too long to conquor the Scots and take the coronation stone from them> Why should ask: "Why do they hate us", and who is they?

We in the USA were perfectly happy to let Europe battle between themselves. We bought the Louisiana purchase from Napoleon when he ravished and raped Europe for decades. I wonder if the Germans would be allowed: "Why do the French hate us?"

I await your intelligent replies, anonymous.

Anonymous Neeraj said...

This is so much informative


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