17 January, 2006

NYT -- Communist since the 1920s

UPDATE: Here is the link to the Ukranian monument unveiled at Holodomor on 24 November 2006:

http://en.for-ua.com/news/2006/11/24/165713.html ---- deleted, but The Truth lives on here:


and here:


Some of his published lies:

--New York Times, December 9, 1932, page 6

"You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs."

--New York Times, May 14, 1933, page 18

"There is no actual starvation or deaths from starvation but there is widespread mortality from diseases due to malnutrition."

Others can be found here:


Walter Duranty: "The Biggest Liar in History"

The www seems to be "cleansing" us of The Truth by posting only "nice" pictures of this liar.

Responsible for the the starvation of 7,000,000 Ukranians. Read link above.

The New York Times has his picture on their "hall of shame". Reference: 1


Blogger Kentucky Girl said...

Loved reading and looking at your blog. :)

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Thanks jennifer. Are you on MilBlogs webring?
I have driven through Kentucky quite a few times on the way "up-north".

Blogger Kentucky Girl said...

:) No, I'm not in the blog ring. I'm not in the Military...just lived close by one my whole life and was raised with/by a family full of current & retired. My dad and two of my uncles served in Vietnam in The US Navy as well as my Father-in-law saw service in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.. And I have a couple of cousins currently in Iraq out of Ft. Campbell. My dad works as a civilian now for Ft. Knox building things for tanks to blow up. :D

I surfed in from SGT Capozzi's webpage. Always looking for more information even though I'm now in San Fransicko where they've passed laws to keep recruiters out of high schools. Idiots.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

I'll try to take a look at SGT Capozzi's webpage. I was in SF around 7 years ago. There was one lone hippy on "the knoll" near fisherman's warf in the lotus position. We heard him say "I love this place". He had to be my age or so!

Blogger eaglepatriot said...

Right on brother!

Anonymous Mercuda said...

How can a privately owned publishing company be communist?

Blogger Chief RZ said...

By using deception. There were several privately owned companies in communist countries that were later "nationalized". Did you dig into my link and see the Stasi file pointing out Duranty? Here is another good one:
What was Julius Rosenburg's undercover or "code name" given by the communists?!!

Blogger Chief RZ said...

I see that the NYT has taken down their reference to the "hall of shame" --- maybe they have been shamed into taking it down.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

I also see that the two links have been moved. I will work on those. Coverups? More lies hidden?


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