10 January, 2006


Several countries have been involved with "re-writing history". The Japanese finally mentioned WW II in their textbooks just a few years ago. The Turks seem to be reluctant to mention what happened in 1915.
The Truth: I met and talked with a gentleman whose father fled Turkey and arrived in Iraq because it was safer! The son built the first new building on the base in Mosul, Iraq -- a church -- picture to follow soon.
I see that this blog is being viewed internationally just a few weeks after it has begun. Thanks.
Our country, the USA has been hit by quite a bit of this revisionism for the last 40+ years. It began slowly with a few, maybe legitimate adjustments, but has expanded to include what another person thinks you are thinking. Hungary 1945-1988: the secret police would arrest a person for reading an article in a professional magazine! Read: The Bridge at Andau.

This has got to stop, and stop it will when more people are empowered to tell the truth on the blogs and internet.


Blogger Seth said...

Yes, 1915 was a very bad year.


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