06 January, 2006

The 9% contribution(s)

Many people seem to want others to do work for them. They complain that they are working for minimum wage, or below scale, etc. I have read a good smattering of blogs in the last week. The contributors do seem to be divided:

Kostria-Wingery Map

From the link above (click circles), a rough computation of 12+26=38% yields 62% available between 18 and 65 (~170 million). Divide this into 8+8 million (16 million) yields the 9%. That is less than one in ten people take the time to donate blood !!!

Blood Facts

The Truth: For all the hype about demanding that others are not paying enough or certain companies don't pay enough wages, etc, it appears that there is really a great disconnect with becoming part of the "village"--citizenship or community. Personally, I have donated around three gallons in my lifetime. I mostly saw similar people there donating blood in various locations. The working class, housewives, teachers, church members, policemen, clerks, but not many of those social elites who rail on about how we should all put in to our ability, contribute to society. I understand that a good percentage will be rejected because they have been involved with risky behavior, but Just where are they? If anyone has any statistics from the Red Cross or the American Association of Blood Banks, or works there, how about weighing in.


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