06 January, 2006

Made in the USA

"The People's Republic of China" is a misleading reference to Communist China.

There has been a rather spirited exchange lately concerning jobs being "outsourced" to China.

{While China denounced the action taken by the President, the principal sponsors in both Houses of the legislation to subject the 1994 extension of China's MFN status to additional conditions (Representative Pelosi and Senator Mitchell) expressed their satisfaction with the President's action as representing a sufficient step, and stated that further congressional action on their respective bills would be unnecessary. The linking of China's MFN status to overall human rights, however, was abandoned in mid-1994 when President Clinton renewed the China waiver taking into account only its statutory condition, namely, compliance with the freedom-of-emigration requirement of the Jackson-Vanik amendment. Subsequent legislative measures to disapprove the renewal or subject it again to broad human rights conditions failed. } see link associated with this title.

President Clinton, by exercising executive power essentially turned a blind eye to numerous human rights abuses and copywrite violations.

The Truth: During my tour of duty in Iraq, I saw, available for purchase, one day after "Spiderman II" was first shown in theaters, a DVD for $1. This would be a clear violation of copywrite, and in essence, software theft. Communist China has a violation record similar to other Asian Countries.

Look for the label that says Made in the USA when you buy products!
I can remember a similar slogan and song by the ILGWU that said something along the lines of "look for the union label". Too bad these union types don't renew that campaign now.

During the last Presidential campaign, I received a poster-flyer from some union out of Charleston, SC. It lamented the fact that many products are now made in China. I took out a black magic marker and wrote: "Tip -- don't buy this one, buy the one that says Made in the USA" !


Blogger Marty said...

Please read China Inc. You will be appalled at the dishonest tactics the communist government allows (encourages), all in the name of beating us at our own game (capitalism).

Freedom is an illusion in China, and will only be allowed until they have gained the upper hand. Not a pretty picture...

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Is China Inc. a book? I was sad to see Hong Kong revert to Chinese Communist control, and fear for Taiwan's future as a free country. We may have to defend them.


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