15 January, 2006

Communism is Evil

Back to The Truth. Here is a picture from the police museum at Taszár, Hungary. The AVH (Allam Vedelmi Hatosag), State Protecting Organization, generally also known as the AVO (Allam Vedelmi Osztag), State Protecting Special Group. They were responsible for the torture and attempts to "re-educate" Hungarians to enforce Comminist thinking on the populace. This is just one consequence of allowing communism into a society. If you do not wish to read The Bridge At Andau by James A. Michener, a shorter version will be found above by clicking the 3 dots and the title -- Communism is Evil.

It would be nice to get some feedback from this offer.


Blogger LinkedInUSAF said...

In grammar school my very best friend's Dad was an escapee from the Czech Republic (I believe he was Slavakian). That was my first glimpse into the evils of communism. The evils of facism came from home as my Dad was born and raised in England, was in the RAF, and fought the Nazis from his home soil. My being stationed in Germany during the 80s taught me a ton about communism! I walked the streets of East Berlin, in FULL UNIFORM (or I'd be shot as a spy), and saw how everything was _gray_. The people, the streets, the art, the stores, the food ... I saw the wall, I took pictures at Check Point Charlie to show my kids (someday, I thought then, but it is now since I really do have kids), I saw Fulda Gap (try THAT ONE ON FOR SIZE if you want to get a front row seat for communism), I saw the wall (actually a fence) in a small spot where no one goes and saw the _gun tower_ meant to keep people _IN_, I saw intel from my job in the Air Force, I worked with folks that actually, physically, held a gun against communism (something I have never done, but would if given the chance!), and I pray every day that communism never takes hold here.

Life is too precious. Thank God, the Americans, the British, the Autralians, and everyone else that fought for freedom were successful. Take note the countries that are missing - far too many were silent, complacent, apathetic, or complicit. Hmmm, does that sound at all familiar?

I believe that there is something more insidious happening today. And I think that it is the sleeper-agent inside our United States of America: Communist Russia changing our society from within.

You might say I am paranoid or delusional. But having been raised in California (we're not called the "left coast" for nothing!) I am well aware of the slow destruction of my fellow Californians. The onslaught is subtle and very effective. It comes through our _public_ schools, our radio and TV, our arts and publications, our 9th Circuit (circus) Court, and our biggest slap in the face - no recruiters on campus - is one that to some here is "OK". It's OK 'cause they haven't the stones to walk up and talk to someone that has volunteered their own life for another. And those same people can't look someone in the eye that has truly SEEN communism, facism, totalitarianism ... oh, just pick one!

An all volunteer military is the ONLY THING SAVING US RIGHT NOW!!!

If there was a formal conscription it would destroy the last barrier between our freedom and complete destruction. The reason is because the people would look upon us as evil and a tool of the government which is holding them down. Right now we step up to protect every American, voluntarily, and to scoff at that shows a lack of patriotism and immaturity. If voluntary went to mandatory we'd see an increase in distrust for those that serve. The distrust would frow to hate. And those that say they are "for the troops but not the war" would whip up hatred the likes no one has seen, yet.

Then, someday, a display such as the one related to this post would never be as poignant as it is now.

Chief, ya touched a nerve. Hope I didn't chew up too much of your comments! :)

Take care, Chief. Thanks for "being on that wall!", if I haven't said it already.

God Bless.

Blogger Chief RZ said...


Great post. Thanks for that perspective. Later I will post some pictures of the present day Bridge at Andau -- of the border between Austria and Hungary in the middle of no where, but where the Hungarians "swam" in 1956-57.

Also some real conversations with those who survived the evils of communism.

Blogger he who is known as sefton said...

Tell you true, Chief, I'm a tad puzzled by your appending your "anti-communism" comment on my "CRYSTAL STAR - segment 01 of eleven" post.

I think you would've made a better choice by appending it to my
"the supremes . . . GODLESS COMMIES" post. Anyway, in that latter post, I PROGNOSTICATE that the recent "eminent domain" decision by our Supreme Court of the United States has set this country on the road to a marxist state.

Visitors to this blog, who might like to read that post, can get there through the Copy and Paste facility on this text:


More adventurous visitors could try by clicking on the above hyperlink, and then clicking on the December 2005 hyperlink. It should easy enough to find the "godless commies" hyperlink.

From what I can tell about your feelings with regard to communism, that is a decision you abominate. Whether I celebrate it or abominate it, so far as I'm concerned, makes no difference.

I do allow that the Supreme Court could reverse themselves. After all, reversals have been known to happen. For the sake of civil discussion, I'd even allow that, maybe, the Supreme Court should reverse themselves with regard to "eminent domain".

Reversal or no, according to what I know about history, it won't make a damn bit of difference . . . the cat is out of the bag, the toothpaste is out of the tube, the jig is up.

According to our most authoritative historians, we grow up immersed in Thomas Jefferson's rhetoric, but we live in Alexander Hamilton's country. Eventually, it'll be Tom's rhetoric, Alex's country, and Karl's state.

ya'gotta admit, that's going to be one hell'uva combination!

.he who is known as sefton

Blogger Chief RZ said...

"it makes no difference? " Communism is evil. I challenge you to read The Bridge at Andau and repeat that comment.
Either the Supreme court reverses itself on kelo, or the states and/or the federal government will do it, but why is this necessary in light of the original words?
Lawyers ! Billy war right !

Anonymous Steve Kangas said...

Totalitarian dictatorships are evil. The Soviet Union failed at Communism and was actually a brand of totalitarian aristocracy.

Chief RZ:
The link you provide at the top of your post is dead.

"Given the amount of information now available online about the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, I decided to remove my high school paper.

At the time I first placed it online, there was a veritable dearth of information pertaining to the revolution on the internet. Since that is no longer the case, and due to the fact that I no longer agree with everything I wrote then, it was time to remove it."

It seems the young person has become more mentally developed and has thusly re-thought some of his prior childish notions. The link still does prove a point but certainly not your intended point.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Steve, here is another link for you:


Thanks for discovering the dead link. We do not know what that one person was thinking, but I will attempt to contact them. In the meantime, happy reading, and my offer stands to send you a copy of The Bridge at Andau if you can not find one.

As for your lable of the USSR as "totalitarian aristrocracy", that is a new one. Liberals like to label things that don't work or fail. Communism is evil. The USSR was under communism. The common ordinary people were involved with the tortures that you would learn if you read a bit.
Socialism, like your blog is a precursor to communism. I will be glad to debate the evils of communism anytime, starting now, just stick to The Truth. First, USSR killed at least 100 million people trying to keep their regime alive. They admitted in 2006 that they killed 7 million Ukranians and admitted that it was genocide. You will find this under Stalin here:


and some here, but you can search as well as I can


I usually check ever few days.


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