13 January, 2006

Income Taxes

The Truth: Simple 5th grade math I taught in a "poor, disadvantaged rural school" . 130 million/75% of 280 million= 130/210= 60%. That means that 40% of the US population did not file an income tax-- even to declare $1-$5,000 ! See above IRS link for the year 2003.

Once again, certain people want others to do work for them. They scream the loudest about other people "owing them a living". My answer: Get to work! Donate blood, volunteer at a school, contribute to society; stop dragging it down.

The recent news about last month's US treasury increase may be another example of what happens when you do not punish work -- ie. tax those who contribute and work hard.


Blogger LinkedInUSAF said...

I accidentally breezed by this one!

TAXES! Always on my mind (not Texas, and not Georgia) ...

We are saddled with "taxation WITH representation" and it is out of hand. The ease with which local and state government can swindle money out of the people is amazing. Bond issues are ALWAYS a NO VOTE! I don't care WHAT you think that bond might help, it is going to bite you in the A$$ every time.

Gas in California is a JOKE. We have had so many $0.05 taxes tacked on that I think we are now $0.60 is product and $0.40 is tax.

How about THEM apples!?

Anonymous Laurie said...

New York is also among the highest taxed per capita. Yippy skippy. And they wonder why people and businesses are leaving in droves?


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