05 November, 2006


The platform of the Democratic party before the 1864 elections, called for a cease-fire. For those who did not pay attention in public schools, this was during our Civil War in the United States of America. Abraham Lincoln had delivered his Gettysburg Address and Emancipation proclimation, freeing the slaves. The Democrats did not want to continue the war, and by extension, free the slaves.

The Democrats in the United States of America now want to do the same with our war on Islamic-Facism in 2006. They want to give up even though none of their elitist sons are vulnerable for the draft like they were in New York in 1864 during draft riots there. These people would have us cut and run from our valiant, noble efforts to free the peoples of Iraq and hopefully the rest of the Mid-East from their masters, the mullahs, the 10% in Iran who are enslaving the rest of their country. My only prayer is that the scales would be lifted from our electorate on November 7th. Vote.


Blogger Chief RZ said...

At least our Commander In Chief has the courage to stay the course.
Liberals do not understand: We are in Iraq at the request from their government. We will not leave on our own and run away from a commitment.


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