29 November, 2006

Take aways

Here is a true story. I will change a little bit the names and places to protect the innocent.

Scene: a public library
One teacher in charge who is very competent and communicated the rules well in advance.
About a dozen participants. Each young person (age 1-2) was held by one adult -- parent or legal guardian.

During the half-hour session, the teacher passed out small plastic rattles so the children could participate in rhythm.

One child-X left his on the large rug. Onother child-Z tripped and dropped his and the X person immediately grabbed it, took it, and moved away with it. Z was reaching for his rattle when X took it. Z persued the rattle in X's hand. I watched as X went to his guardian-female type. She saw me looking at the situation and said, "oh, is this his"? I said, "yes". She took it from X and gave it to Z. I said thanks...

It gets better. X went and found Z's rattle and brought it to him. He didn't take it! She did for him...

The above illustrates what liberals want to do. All the "children" -- each get an object 'free'-- either money, or transportation, or food, or housing, or education. Most don't really want this, but they will try to take away that which Zs get, or earn for themselves. It is not about money, "the poor" or anything else like that. It is about morals and character. No amount of money can help these people. Only spiritual guidance can. This is what are in the public schools today: Xs and those who pamper them.


Blogger a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

OUCH!!! But accurate.

Nice comment on my "N" post. Ultimately, Jesse and Al fight what they see as easy (at least as far as a target is concerned), but because of this they miss the point.

"Nigger" is not a nice word, but it is only a word. These men in the audience don't need a financial settlement from Richards, they need to grow up.

I'm bothered/offended almost daily by something, but you wouldn't know it - don't like Richards, don't go to his shows; don't like the idea of an OJ book/TV interview/special don't watch it...

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Thanks Blandly--and I was ready will follow-up using teenagers from Middle School and adults in the work-a-day world to further illustrate this mentality.

I wondered how you would take The Truth on your blog, but you are not intellectually challenged so felt that you would understand. Yes, Nigger is not a nice word, neither is Cracker, Honkey, WOP or hundreds of others, not including 99% of words in rap songs.

I don't go to too many 'comedy' shows because they are vulgar for the most part. I have seen Richards first on SNL and Second City years ago. I thought he played the buffoon well, just like Chevy Chase and others. Now if you want to hear nasty and racism, review Richard Prior and others like him. But Al and JJ won't address them. Bill Cosby does and gets slammed for telling The Truth as well as Charton Heston when he dared to read the words to a WB rap song they were funding.

Words do not hurt me, but physical threats and violence from facists, gangs, and communists do.

Blogger a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Endless childhood...

Blogger a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...


I'm going to e-mail you an interesting article from the most recent National Review by Rob Long with his take on the Richards thing.

I get the print mag and internet access, so I don't think the article is available elsewhere, otherwise I would direct you to it here in my comment.

Since upgrading to beta blogger I have not been able to get my trackbacks/comments to work properly and have lost all the comments to my most recent post on "N." Eventually I'd like to do a post including many of the angles/comments left by yourself and others. Frustrating.

Long can be pretty funny and much of his take is from a pov (point of view, not privately owned vehicle, I miss my army acronyms) that most probably don't consider. I don't know if it's any better, but it's an interesting read.

Blogger a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Uh, I just realized you don't have an e-mail available so can't send the article, though my guess is you realize this

Blogger Chief RZ said...


Anonymous Srini said...

Are you high? These were 1-2 y.o. children and their parent(s) and you have to turn it into an US vs THEM contest?

A monster like you should stay away from children.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Srini--I usually do not post your type of message, but since you asked a question instead of making a false one and expecting a correction, I will try to further explain to you what this means.

First, I am not "high". By that I assume you meant, "under the influence of drugs". That I do not do. It is illegal and also not allowed by the US military. Random drug tests keep the person working next to you safe from irrational behavior that occurred during the draft era of the 1960s-1970s.

Yes, these were children. Children normally tell the truth and are transparent. They reflect what they have been taught and what their parents (or other surrounding adults allow them to see). As a teacher I saw all kinds. Some "parents" were prostitutes, some drug dealers, some were nice Christian parents and their children reflected those values.

Our society sometimes devolves into an us vs. "them" contest to survive. Many gang members attempt this. Many other nice people try to keep their children away from bad behaving people.

The point that you may have missed was that certain people are not merely satisfied with sharing what others give them. They do not want anyone else to enjoy life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. They try to take away that which is not theirs. Just this week, I was involved with returning to a woman a purse that was stolen by two teenagers. They did not care that part of what was in her purse was her medicine that she needed, nor her car keys. It cost her $150 just to get a duplicate key made. She works for a living the punks that took what was not theirs do not.

This might be an example of your US vs THEM contest. Nice people, just trying to enjoy life. Now that life is upset by two teenagers who are too lazy or not interested in working for a living.

They want to take away from others what those 'others' have worked and earned for themselves.

Your last label: monster, has been rejected by my state when I was graduated three times with Education degrees, and held a teaching certificate and taught in public school for 28+ years. After you expose yourself to the general public, you may appreciate what teachers do to nurture children and try to show them the moral right way to live. May I suggest you substitute teach for one day?

Please reply, I await your intelligent response.

Finally, I wonder how or why someone should stay away from observing children. My charge, our grandchild is progressing fine, avoiding bad language, sharing with his peers, observing the world, learning to speak intelligently, using adult definitions, exploring the outdoors, avoiding too much TV, staying away from nasty songs and shows, learning how to love -- and be loved, and in general, growing up in a loving, Christian world.

In opposition, certain others take the "hands off" approach of early childhood development. They think that children should "experience" all of life. Many use drugs and die before reaching age 20.

We went to a funeral of a 19 year old girl last year like this. A tragedy that could have been avoided.


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