31 December, 2006

Tale of three lives

1. Ex-entertainer and singer
2. Ex-President of the United States of America
3. Ex-President of Iraq

Of the three, one was an Eagle Scout, maintained the highest level of integrity while serving as President of the USA and had served honorable in our MIlitary. The liberals attempted to discredit him and one commedian tried to paint him as a 'klutz'. He was far from uncoordinated, having played for The University of Michigan.

The remaining two. One was worse than Hitler and Stalin and much more directly involved with his sadistic tortures.
The first one mentioned reflects a lifestyle of drugs, sex and rock and roll. His fourth "partner" was still married to another.

Who we honor reflects what we are.


Blogger Lady Aeval said...

I adored Ford as a person. I enjoyed James Brown's music for the most part. Um...Hussein I could do without.

BTW - The fork didn't evolve from the spoon; however, the spoon and the fork got married and made the spork -- available at most fast food places.


Blogger Chief RZ said...

:) yes, I have seen "sporks", but I was trying to mix a little religion into the secular notion of evolution which make absolutlely no logical sense.

visited one of your sites. How did you stumble on The Truth?


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