14 January, 2007

Communist at the "peace rally"

Yesterday, at "the fountain" -- a place in 5-Points -- City of Columbia, a group of about twenty-five individuals gathered to "protest" the Commander In Chief's decision to support our commanders with boots on the ground for an additional 21,500 troops. Unlike during the Vietnam conflict, there is no draft. Everyone serving in the military has been a volunteer since 1975.

I took a few minutes to see what this was about. Who did I bump into? A communist. He was dressed up in an old Boy Scout Uniform with a 1957 National Jamboree Patch like this one.

I went to Charles L. Sommers Wilderness High adventure canoe base instead, that year. I loved it. At one point, we were five days and about 50 portages away from the nearest civilization . This was at a time before cell phones also!

Back to the man dressed up like Lennin. He had the special cap with the large red star. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Hey, Is that your Boy Scout Uniform? I recognized the National Jamboree Patch?
Him: No, It was my father's.
Me: Well, I see you have a Lithuanian name tape on the uniform too.
Him: Yes, my dad came from there.
Me: Joseph Stalin took over the Baltic States during WW II. What does that red star on your hat represent?
Him: Oh, nothing.
Me: Well, thanks for the conversation, have a nice day

Now, I suppose that He realized that the communist outfit represented the same gang that took over his father's country and realized how indefensible it was to support the communists who killed many of his father's neighbors. I too, remember dressing up in cowboy and indian outfits as well as Yankees vs. Confederates and "war games" played around our neighborhood. As I grew up, went to College and studied history, I realized that some of these games were played for keeps and many people died. Joseph Stalin had about 100,000,000 people murdered. Communism is evil. I wish I had more time to converse with the man who may be a little disillusioned about the romanticism of the "reds."

I did not see ANSWER people there, but did talk to a Vietnam Veteran draftee who served two years in the Army' s Airborne divisions. I asked him if we were to leave Iraq, would he support our deployments to the other 74 locations including Somalia and Afghanistan.

He did not respond.

This is the crux of the "protest" -- they do not want the USA to defend itself.

I certainly invite debate on the substance of this post.


Anonymous Amy P said...


If you look on the Carolina Peace website, the group from Columbia that always protests the war (http://carolinapeace.org) you'll see that they support Castro and make trips to Cuba to "spread the truth". They're a bunch of nuts!

For while counter-protesting at the weekly anti-war protest in front of the state house in Columbia, my friend and I noticed that one of the Carolina Peace nutjobs brought his Islamic prayer rug and wore it around his shoulders! Unreal.

I probalby would have been there but I moved from Columbia in October. :)

Blogger C-dell said...

Hello, I ran across your blog. Quite a bold statement the title of your blog makes. I would also. like to say that communism is not evil, before you pass judgement listen. The basic idea of communism is not a bad one. It is just too easily corruptable. I am also not saying communist Russia was a good country. I also see you do not believe in evolution. Just one question why can't it be both. I am a History major in college. You have a very interesting blog. Stop by mine, leave me some comment. I welcome all opinions at my blog.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

c-dell. I paid a visit. I posted to your latest, Kamikaze. Those were the JAPS in WWII just like the Islamo-facists are *Mind Bombs* now:

Yes, the basic idea of communism is not a bad one. Then come those little "details" like only 10% of the population controls the other 90% and anyone who disagrees with "the state" is shot, tortured or "reeducated". I think you, being in college have a chance to look at those little "details". I will send you a copy of The Bridge at Andau if you give me your mailing address and promise to read it and comment back here in a month or two.

Blogger devildog6771 said...

Thank God, another voice in the red cloud of misinformation. I continually post on this. I email the media. Every major protest has been sponsored and organized by ANSWER.It seems like too many are afraid to tell the truth about the peace movement.

I don't for one moment think all the participants are communists. I do, however, know for a fact that, as in the sixties, the motivating factoer for the organized marches and protests is ANSWER and World Workers. I also know that most of the participants are suppoerters or members of said organization.

What they are doing is a lot like an old fashioned lynching.A unch of nut cases stir up the crowd until a frinzy erupts and judgement is abandoned. They are manipulative parasites.

Blogger a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Any form of government that involves the human race (all governments on the planet if my math is correct), is bound to be imperfect.

"The basic idea of communism is not a bad one. It is just too easily corruptable."

Yeah, the theory is good, but it is no longer just a theory. It's been tried/still is and about all it's good for is crushing dissent and fighting to remain in power; fighting to remain in power likely because those in power no how miserable it is on the other side.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

devildog-- or as Clarence Thomas said, "a high tech lynching" This is the same tacics used in Russia in 1917.
BlandlyU--Yes and those who steal power, keep the others left after their murderous ways as slaves!

Have you read "The Bridge"?

I'll check on the crime status for Illegal Aliens.

Blogger Brad said...

Relative to Russian Monarchy USSR was a success. Relative to Imperial China PROC is a step forward. Communism helped these nations to become world powers from obscurity.

Now, slavery, mass murdering of indigenous populations, militaristic aggressions, and the whole idea of brute capitalism that accumulated wealth in the hands of few while leaving thousands if not millions in poor conditions is no less horrendous than the wrath of Communism.

The McCarthy bully once and for all proved the free world is so free after all.

This is not justifying communism. It is supposed to be a blow to old bigots who chase shadows.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

brad. If you are from Mongolia, I respect your first sentence. I read your blog.

But I disagree. Many more people were killed during the USSR regime... close to 100,000,000.

What Imperial China? Mongolian "occupation" Tibet?
The Chinese Communists have killed millions.

This is not a point of some country being obscure. It is about a bankrupt idea give credence that kills millions just to make it "work".... The breaking of eggs to make an omelet! Duranty

Militaristic aggressions like taking Poland, the Balkins, Cz, Hungary, and others?

McCarthy was correct to ask who is paying you.

Communism is evil.

"capitalism" is normal exchanging of services with each other by mutually agreed conditions.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only heard 2nd hand about that trip from another charlie guide. He said it made him nervous when he found out the guy had a hand gun. Would have been embarrasing at customs even back in the 70's

Blogger Chief RZ said...

My guide was named Skitch Henderson, believe it or not! He did not have nor need a hand gun. We had fishing poles. Back in 1961-62 just about everyone in the USA followed laws, respected others and was convicted of crimes when they broke the law.
Things are different now, thanks to the NAACP, Al and JJ. Certain people are given a pass including Muslims.
Canada finally turned "right" if you have been reading here much.


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