23 March, 2007


I recently had the opportunity to interview a former slave of the USSR. He was forced to be a pathologist. Now he would like to care for the living! I asked him if he ever heard of Walter Duranty. He said no. I prompted him about how the NYT writer covered over the deaths of 7,000,000 Ukranians. He replied, "the former government did a good job of covering over all our past history for those seventy years." Sergey lives in Belgorad-Dnestrovsky, Ukraine. Here is the Church being rebuilt -->

During an audio-visual presentation the following statement was made: "The Atheists bulldozed all the churches" I paid particular attention to that statement. Someone outside may have said, "The Communists bulldozed all the churches." This is what I have read about in other countries.

Where is the tolerance?


Total Communist evil and brutal control. This is what could happen in the USA if we do not maintain eternal vigilance.


Blogger C-dell said...

I hope you are not saying that we in America become a Thocracy. If we force religion on people how is that any different from forcing Atheism on people?. Two ends of one spectrum.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

c-dell. Not at all. I think you missed The Truth here.
The Communists/Atheists acted like a Theocracy. They imposed their religion: Communism on all the people, not allowing for any diversity or tolerance of anyone else's religion at the point of the sword, knife, gun and real torture chambers. Read the book!

The other Theocracy that looms over our heads is that of the racist Muslim Islamo-Facists who will try to impose Sharia's criminal code where people are flogged or have their hands or heads chopped off.

No, Christians in the USA and the world do not wish to impose any Theocracy on others. There are numerous churches in the USA. Now in Muslim countries even today a person can be killed for being a Christian. That is a Theocracy.

We do not force any religion on anyone here in the USA. What country are you from? People have freedom to believe, attend church or NOT here.

Blogger C-dell said...

I am from America. I know that we have the right togo or not go believe or not believe. What I am saying is that just because you believe something and also have the majority, that does not make it okay to pass laws that impose relgious laws. teaching creationism, posting ten commandmets in govn't buildings,and persecution of other religions. This happens here. What happens if they do get their way?

Blogger Chief RZ said...

c-dell. I see that your are a rational person evidenced that you admit and realize that we have a constitution that helps to protect many basic rights.
One is the freedom of religion. The First Amendment states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. Our colonies did not want our new government to establish a state religion as was done in europe for thousands of years. The free exercise of one's religion shall not be hampered.

I do disagree with you on beliefs and laws. I believe that one should not kill another person (not by accident). Therefore that is a crime. I also believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman. I am in the majority. In fact, in our state (SC) we just passed a constitutional amendment stating just that. The majority rules in a democracy, not the other way around. In facist countries and communist countries, the minority rules. Remember South Africa? They changed their government with not much bloodshead. Too bad Cuba, N. Korea, China and Uganda could not do the same. Remember the "velvet revolution" with the Czech Republic?

The majority teaches what they believe. In Japan, just today, the government there has whitewashed the rape of Nanjing yet again. Here is a case of the minority lying to the majority and the world.


Posting rules to live by to me is much better than allowing gangs to post their slang on walls. What problem is caused by saying that a majority of this country does not condone murder? stealing? lying? The people work and pay for government buildings, not the other way around. We are not subjects like in England.

Your worst post and suggestion is that there is persecution of other religions. This is a gross lie.
I know that Christians will be persecuted. I accept that. I have already posted on this and invite your reply:


What happens if Muslims/Islam/Islamofacists get their way? We will be slaves to Shira law. That means chopping heads off women who do not wear a burka and many other numerous attrocities and real torture. That is what will happen if they do get their way.

In the USA, right now, this was and has not been done. Yes, some people used the name of God or Jesus Christ illegitimately. Jim and Tammy Faye come to mind.

Teaching creationism is just as good as teaching evolution or the big bang theory. About 15 minutes were spent on this. Atheists, however, like communists and facists as well as labor unions demand a monopoly on what is taught and allow for no alternate suggestions. They are the ones who are intollerant and do not allow diversity in the classroom.

Anonymous Doug said...


Once again we are faced with a choice between good and evil. Instead of the choice between fascism and Democracy or Communism and Freedom, we are now faced with the choice between tolerance and intolerance. We are creatures of the Enlightenment and, as such, many view any public affirmation of religion sceptically at best. Unfortunately, those who would do away with our freedoms are not. They still live in a pre-Enlightenment world where tolerance is a sign of weakness.

Blogger a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Chief, check out http://onecosmos.blogspot.com/ sometime when you have a chance...deep schet!

"teaching creationism, posting ten commandmets in govn't buildings,and persecution of other religions. This happens here."

Creationism, is no worse a theory than evolution (evo makes logical sense to me, but I don't discount some type of Creator and do believe in God). 10 Comms in bldgs; should be considered moral guidelines if nothing else, so as not to be offended. About the only persecution on a religion in this country is Christianity.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

blandly urbane--
I took a visit. I discovered the term Revisionism while taking a graduate course in the History of Education in the USA. People attempt to basically lie and to create, or make up a past in order to justify their present position is deplorable.

This is one reason that I began this blog, The Truth.


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