19 May, 2007

Selective Enforcement

The amnesty plan for illegal criminal aliens reminds me of a true story a friend of mine told me a few years ago. He owns a few rental units. A man and a woman broke into his house. He called the police. They did not arrest the two. They claimed "squatter's rights". It took him almost six months to get them out, clean up his unit and rent it again. I would never rent houses for a living

Of course, the intelligent reader will immediately draw a parallel or analogy with those criminals who have broken their way into the USA illegally. We are not going to 'forgive them' and grant them citizen status as well as free health care, child care, public schooling, housing, food stamps and numerous other freebies.

This coutry, that was founded on Religious Freedom, hard work, honesty and self responsibility has become a semi-socialist state.

One man who has admitted to a sin involving an underaged female was arrested, convicted and put on parole status.

One woman, in my former Middle School admitted to having sexual intercourse with an underaged male in special education.
She was not arrested nor put on probation.

One man who was merely accused of some sexual crime was arrested at his home. The charge was false and he was cleared.
Three men were accused of raping a woman at Duke U. The charges were false. They were finally declared innocent.

This is selective enforcement of laws. This is wrong and shameful. We need to select honorable judges and prosecutors.
The next elections in 2008 will determine if this will continue or not.


Anonymous Amy P said...

The bill is an outrage. I hope it won't pass and believe it will fail. If we cannot uphold our own rule of law, we should expect others to exploit it.


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