16 July, 2007


That was on his T-shirt. A member of my old Air Traffic Control Squadron. They had a get-together and I was an invited retired guest.

A stranger just had to comment.
It came so fast that it almost caught me off guard. Three of us were talking in a "public house" restaurant. He said something like, "where have you been?" I replied loudly as he strolled off, I guess too impolite to wait for a reply, "In AMERICA!"

These people are liberals. They are impolite at best and obnoxious at worst. Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild by Michelle Malkin does a very good job of documenting the worst behaviors including assault and worse.

I have seen quite a few T-shirts that I would have liked to comment on to the person's face, but usually their family is around.

The real message is that we were attacked on 9/11/01 and are going after the cowardly enemy that attacked us. They are worse than the JAPS who at least had uniforms, but did not declare war on the USA, nor followed the Geneva Convention rules of war. The Germans at least did that for the most part, treating our POWs with dignity.

Al-Quada executes captured prisoners with public decapitations!

I am a Christian and will be glad to give peace a chance when others stop attacking and killing Americans and other innocent civilians around the world. Communists have killed over one hundred million innocent civilians. They still are the worst.


Blogger Goon said...

Now the experts are saying that the Surge is working.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Yes, thanks, goon. The soldiers with their boots down on the ground, not the politicians like LBJ, and the present day social-democrats!

Blogger Kelly said...

at least Republicans got in a few good shots tonight...not that anybody heard them, because really who has time to watch anything that resembles the news when you have the big broadcasters that will be happy to tell you what to think! I'm thinking I need to dig out my T-shirt from Desert Storm. I'm sure you have one..."I'd fly 10,000 miles to smoke a camel" (with a camel that resembles the cigarrette logo) I may need to wear that to school and tick all the liberal professors off!

Blogger Chief RZ said...

No, but I do have a few other T-Shirts I brought back and would go again on a specific mission. Thanks for your service. Branch? AOR?

Anonymous Amy P said...

Jesus said to turn the other cheek...but not to turn our neighbors cheek. Our neighbor we are to love as we love ourselves, and most people wouldn't let someone kill them and their families.

Anonymous Zsa Zsa said...

Chief...People need to be reminded of the terrorist attacks that have been going on for ages by the crazy Arabs. I started thinking about the 70's Olympics when Arab terrorists killed innocent athletes and trainers...AND for what reason?

Blogger Chief RZ said...

There was a piece in our Newspaper this morning about the heat wave and a similar one in 1900.

Also, we were battling Muslim extremists in China, called Peiking back then. They were killing Christians. Imagine that! The Boxer rebellion.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Chief RZ said...

deciders. Your reply will only happen when evil no longer exists on this earth.
Would you reply PEACE after the JAPS bombed Pearl Harbor? Does your reply apply to the 7 million Ukranians murdered by Stalin? Or the 1 1/2 million Armenians by the Turks?
The peace keepers of the US Air Force have been successful in liberating two countries and establishing more PEACE than any other force on this earth.


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