27 August, 2008

"I'll have you fired"

That was the frustrated reply from an 8 year old boy when I didn't push my grandson quickly enough at a Church playground!


This 8 year old who I had never met before first said, "watch out" as he was swinging from a playschool swing designed for 2-5 year olds. My 3 year old grandson walked over to use the other swing. This older boy did help him into the infant seat, then snapped it and said, "someone else will have to get you out".

This scene only involved three people.

He went back to his swing and then said to me, "push him, I'm not going to do it"

I waited. My grandson and I talk as adults and he will ask if he wants any help.

Then the older boy said, "I said, push him, didn't you hear me!?"

I waited. Then the older boy said, "Push him now, if you don't, I'll have you fired." At that, I laughed at him.

Then he said, "how old are you?"

This is when I began correcting him.

I said, "If you want to introduce yourself, you first give your name, then your age." He did. I did. Then he said, "are you retired?" I finally understood.

He thought I was a teacher or employed somehow as a monitor at the church where we had gone for a relative's 90th birthday party. I said to him, "do you threaten your teachers at school this way to get your way?" He did not reply, then left.

This is the problem with public school education. The students think they are in charge. We have allowed this to deteriorate to this point. This is why many send their children to independent schools or private schools.

I encountered this type behavior about three times when I taught. All were from females. All were threats to lie about what I was supposed to have done to them. I took the threats to the principal each time. All were lies and attempts at blackmail.

This does not occur in european schools. I visited about ten when in europe. This is how education was done in America back when we had control of our schools and parents were married before they had children and sent them to school.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This is the problem with public school education. The students think they are in charge."

Generalize much???


Blogger jenniferw said...

The kid has clearly been exposed to plenty of left-wing authority questioning by his liberal parents. I'm surprised he didn't say he'd sue you.

Anonymous Dave said...

Interesting post in that here in Indiana the Governor is currently running a campaign ad addressing the very subject. He and the state superintendent are open to bringing back corporal punishment and the state attorney general has stated he will step in to block any resultant lawsuits that lack merit.

I think it's a good idea.

Many parents that complain about the quality of public education fail to realize that the quality of education is directly related to the quality of child they send to the school. Who's to blame there? So I guess this is one case where I could be accused of being in favor of a nanny state in the fact that if a parent won't discipline their child then the state will do it for them, more power to them.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

I have had a family tragedy followed by a much needed vacation, but here is first a reply to mr. peace:
YES in this case and based on 29 years of experience teaching in public schools. I would be glad to share numerous cases of discipline problems caused by absent, or worse, parents teaching children to "act crazy", sell drugs, prostitute themselves, or ignore school authority.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

Jennifer, thanks for your observation. I also think that he may have learned some of this behavior by following other students' bad examples.

Blogger Chief RZ said...

dave, the liberal's "do whatever" does not work.
No child can survive in an environment where they are allowed to "do whatever"

Someone I know has had five of his friends die of unnatural causes before the lived to vote. Drugs were #1. Risky behavior was next.

Paddling should be on the table, but isolation and adult discipline is best. Having teachers who are backed by the administration is crucial.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The kid is a bully. And will have problems later in life and and he goes along. Authority problems will plague him and he will also also utilize them. Hope he does not get a job with any authority for this kid will be a big problem to and for society.


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