29 June, 2011

Invisible Massive welfare

It used to be that food stamps/AFDC were the visible welfare condition. At one time in California during the early 1970's, checks were handed out without any background checks. I was in charge of the federal school 'free lunch' program for three years at the school where I taught for 28+ years. I discovered that about 90% of the recipients of taxpayer supported food were lying.

Now, besides the obvious other welfare money transfers to people who refuse to work, including section 8 housing, transportation, food banks subsidized by our taxpayer dollars and a slew of other freebies now a massive welfare 'project' is threatening our very existence.

The tip of the iceberg: A friend of mine is one month away from finally paying off his mortgage on a house that may be worth $50,000 on a good day. His bank called him with an offer to mortgage his house to the tune of $200,000!

Barnie and Chris have been doing a grand job of hiding this invisible massive welfare scheme going back to CRA and Jimmy Carter in 1977.

I do hope there are enough honest people to see this trillion dollar welfare money transfer involving hundreds of thousands of dollars to people who will not even make the first payment.


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