23 January, 2006


My apology is offered.
In my haste and ignorance of setting up preferences, I selected bloggers only for comments. A nice, helpful person in my town pointed this possibility out. When I re-checked I discovered this restriction. If someone re-visits this site, please try again!


Anonymous Amy Proctor said...


Anonymous Laurie said...

I'm a first time reader. You have a lot of thought very provoking stuff. Thanks.

Anonymous Oyster said...

Hey Chief! I blogrolled ya!

I was wondering how you found me, then I went back to Randon Numbers and saw your comment.

Next time you're in Jacksonville Florida I'll buy you a Heineken ;-)

Anonymous Kentuckygurl said...

This is why I have a blogger account as a placeholder. ;) Lots of people select bloggers only. Heh....

Blogger 2Hotel9 said...

I had a couple of people whine to me about that. Told them to get a blogger account, don't have to have a blog. Lots of blogs only allow comments from blogger registered people, Plus it registers you on a lot of other blogs outside of blogger. Then there is that annoying 1 minute process to register at a specific blog or news site. I'll see if dissidentfrogman will blog roll you, giving you an international base. Though, sorry, it is from France. They are not all cheese eating, wine swilling, surrender monkeys. Some of them are rather pissed off about their country's situtation.


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